Questionnaire Public Report11/16/2012 09:02:05 AM
Cohort:National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
Round:Youth Questionnaire 97 (R13)
Instrument :Youth
  1. Interviewer Remarks

YIR-FEE1 []Section: Interviewer Remarks

The next few questions will allow us to analyze the impact of differing respondent fees, the use of gift cards, and in-kind gifts on cooperation. This information will be used to inform practices for future rounds.

We will ask you to enter separately the base fee (usually $30), and any additional fees paid (e.g., NIR), gift cards given, or other tokens of appreciation (e.g., pizza, flowers, child toys, pet treats, etc.) in the grid below. Once you have completed your entry, you will move to the next screen where the total will be presented and you will have an opportunity to review to ensure that the information is complete and accurate.

In order to enter the information, please click on"Modify Row" next to the appropriate line of the roster. If a particular fee type was not used, please leave the initial "0" for the amount.

If you enter any amounts in the in-kind payment categories, you will be asked to confirm these amounts and supply some additional information on following screens.

Please do not attempt to modify the amount next to "Total". This amount will be recalculated and presented on the following screen.

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YIR-VERIFY []Section: Interviewer Remarks

Here are the respondent fees that you have entered with the total amount paid to the respondent listed at the bottom. If any of these amounts are not correct, please return to screen YIR-FEE1 and make corrections.

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YIR-GIFTCARDCHECK [T45835.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks


COMMENT: The FI reported giving the respondent a gift card or certificate

If Answer = 1 Then Go To

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YIR-GIFTAMT1 [T45836.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please provide the value of the gift card.

Enter Number: 

YIR-GIFTBUS1 [T45837.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please provide the name of the company for which the gift card or certificate was issued (e.g., Walmart, Best Buy, etc.)


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YIR-GIFTOTHCHECK [T45838.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks


COMMENT: The FI reported giving the respondent other in-kind payments

If Answer = 1 Then Go To

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YIR-GIFTAMT2 [T45839.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please provide the approximate value of the other in-kind payments (not including gift cards or certificates).

Enter Number: 

YIR-GIFTOTH2 [T45840.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please provide a brief description of the items (e.g., pizza and soda, child toy, etc.)


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YIR-100 [T45841.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is uncooperative/uninformative, 5 is neutral and 10 is very cooperative and informative, rate the quality of the youth interview.

 2   2
 3   3
 4   4
 5   5 NEUTRAL
 6   6
 7   7
 8   8
 9   9

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YIR-200 [T45842.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

In general, what was the youth respondent's understanding of the questions?

 1   GOOD
 2   FAIR
 3   POOR

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YIR-300 [T45843.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Did the youth respondent have any special circumstances that affected his/her ability to answer any portion of the survey?


 1   hard of hearing?
 2   unable to see well?
 3   mentally handicapped or retarded?
 4   command of English is poor?
 5   unable to read?
 6   physically handicapped?
 7   under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
 8   illness or injury?
 9   environmental distractions?
 11   lacking in basic social skills?
 10   other?
 0   none?

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YIR-400 [T45844.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

In general, how candid/honest was the youth respondent?

 1   Very candid/honest
 2   Moderately candid/honest
 3   Somewhat candid/honest
 4   Not at all candid/honest

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YIR-500 [T45845.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Was the youth interview conducted in English or Spanish?

 1   English
 2   Spanish

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YIR-504 [T45846.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks


COMMENT: The respondent completed an interview in round 12

If Answer = 1 Then Go To

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YIR-530 [T45847.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please record the color from the Color Card that most closely corresponds to the respondent's facial coloring.

If interview was conducted by telephone, please select Don't Know.

Enter Number: 

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YIR-540 [T45848.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

What is the respondent's sex?

 1   Male
 2   Female

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YIR-560 [T45849.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Was any part of this interview conducted by telephone?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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YIR-565 [T45850.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Did the respondent use the audio for the self-administered section?

 1   Yes
 0   No (including sections done by phone)
 5   Did not observe

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YIR-570 [T45851.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Do you believe that the Rs reading ability is good enough to complete the self-administered sections of this interview without an audio component?

 1   R reads well enough to complete the SAQ without audio
 2   R does not read well enough to complete the SAQ without audio
 3   I am not sure how well the R reads

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YIR-600 [T45852.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Was anyone else present during any portion of the youth interview, not just walking through the area where the interview was being administered, but listening in or taking part in the interview itself?

 1   YES   ...(Go To YIR-700)
 0   NO

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Lead-In:YIR-570 [Default]

YIR-700 [T45853.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Who was present?


 1   Parent
 6   Spouse/Partner/Boyfriend/Girlfriend
 2   Friend
 3   Children
 4   Other relative
 5   Other

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Lead-In:YIR-600 [1:1]

YIR-800 [T45854.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Where was the youth interview conducted?

 1   Immediately outside the respondent's home, standing
 2   Immediately outside the respondent's home, sitting
 3   Inside the respondent's home
 4   In the interviewer's car
 5   At another location
 6   Where R lives (dormitory, prison, hospital)

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YIR-1600 [T45855.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Did you have any problems conducting this interview? For example, were you unable to record the respondent's answer in CAPI, did a question upset or confuse the respondent, or did you have an interruption of 10 minutes or more during the interview?

 1   YES   ...(Go To YIR-1650-LOOP-BEGIN)
 0   NO

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YIR-1650-LOOP-BEGIN []Section: Interviewer Remarks


COMMENT: Problems with questionnaire

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YIR-1700 [T45856.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

At what question number did a problem occur? If you do not know the question number, describe the question in the next screen.


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Lead-In:YIR-1650-LOOP-BEGIN [Default]

YIR-1720 [T45861.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

What problem occurred at this question?


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Lead-In:YIR-1700 [Default]

YIR-1740 [T45866.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Was there another question where a problem occurred?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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Lead-In:YIR-1720 [Default]

YIR-1750-LOOP-END []Section: Interviewer Remarks

UNTIL ([another problem question] == 0)


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YIR-1753 [T45871.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks


COMMENT: Did R do any part of this interview in spanish

If Answer = 2 Then Go To

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Lead-In:YIR-1600 [Default], YIR-1750-LOOP-END [Default]

YIR-1756 [T45872.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Does R speak and understand English well enough to complete this interview in English rather than in Spanish?

 1   Yes R's English is adequate
 0   No R could not complete interview without Spanish translation

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Lead-In:YIR-1753 [2:2]

YIR-1760 [T45873.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please enter your Project Staff ID.

Enter Number: 

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Lead-In:YIR-1753 [Default], YIR-1756 [Default]

YIR-1765 [T45874.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

How many telephone calls did you or another NLSY field person make to gain the respondent's cooperation, parental consent, and complete the interview?

 1   0
 2   1
 3   2-3
 4   4-7
 5   8 or more

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Lead-In:YIR-1760 [Default]

YIR-1770 [T45875.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

How many personal visits did you or another NLSY field person make to gain the respondent's cooperation, parental consent, and complete the interview?

 1   0
 2   1
 3   2-3
 4   4-7
 5   8 or more

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Lead-In:YIR-1765 [Default]

YIR-1775 []Section: Interviewer Remarks

Please enter any special instructions that will help contact the respondent in the future.


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YIR-1780 [T45876.00]Section: Interviewer Remarks

Did you conduct the previous round's youth interview with this respondent?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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Lead-In:YIR-1775 [Default]

YIR-1800 []Section: Interviewer Remarks


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