Questionnaire Public Report11/15/2012 02:32:03 PM
Cohort:National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
Round:Youth Questionnaire 97 (R10)
Instrument :Youth
  1. Health

YHEA-100 [S86442.00]Section: Health

Now I would like to ask you some questions about your health.

In general, how is your health?

 1   Excellent
 2   Very good
 3   Good
 4   Fair
 5   Poor

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YHEA-1880 [S86443.00]Section: Health

During the past 12 months, how many times were you injured or ill and had to be treated by a doctor or nurse?

 1   None
 2   1 time
 3   2 times
 4   3 times
 5   4 or more times

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YHEA-1890 [S86444.00]Section: Health

Some injuries are not treated by a doctor or nurse. During the past 12 months, how many times were you injured or ill so that you missed at least one full day of usual activities such as work or school, but were not treated by a doctor or nurse?

 1   None
 2   1 time
 3   2 times
 4   3 times
 5   4 or more times

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YHEA-1910 [S86445.00]Section: Health

Do you have any kind of health care coverage, including health insurance, prepaid plans such as HMOs, or government plans such as Medicaid?

 1   YES   ...(Go To YHEA-1912)
 0   NO   ...(Go To YHEA-1914)

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YHEA-1912 [S86446.00]Section: Health

What is the source of your primary health or hospitalization plan? Is it from a policy from your current or previous employer, [yheamarriagtextsub] a policy bought directly from a medical insurance company, is it Medicaid or an alternative Medicaid provider, or is it from some other source?

 1   1. Policy from your CURRENT Employer
 2   2. Policy from a PREVIOUS Employer
 3   3. Policy from spouse's or partner's CURRENT employer
 4   4. Policy from spouse's or partner's PREVIOUS employer
 8   8. Policy from your parents or another family member
 5   5. Policy you or your spouse or partner bought directly from medical insurance company
 6   6. Medicaid or Medicaid provider/Medi-Cal/Medical Assist/Welfare/Medical Service
 7   7. Other (SPECIFY)

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YHEA-1913 [S86447.00]Section: Health

Who else in your family is covered by this plan?


 1   Spouse
 2   Partner
 3   Residential children
 4   Your non-residential biological/adopted children
 5   Your spouse/partner's non-residential biological/adopted children
 6   Other dependents
 99   No other person

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YHEA-1914 [S86448.00]Section: Health

([YHEA-1910] == 0 || [YHEAINSSOURCE] != 3) && ([KEY_MARSTAT] ==1 || [YOUTH_PARTNER]==1)

COMMENT: R has no health insurance Or R is not covered by spouse/partner's current employer AND R has a spouse or partner

If Answer = 1 Then Go To

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YHEA-1915 [S86449.00]Section: Health

Can you obtain coverage from a health plan from your [spouse/partner]?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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YHEA-1917 [S86450.00]Section: Health

[YHEA-1910] == 1

COMMENT: R currently has health insurance

If Answer = 1 Then Go To

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YHEA-1920 [S86451.00]Section: Health

Since [LINTDATE~X], was there any time that you did not have any health insurance or coverage?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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YHEA-1930 [S86452.00]Section: Health

Since [LINTDATE~X], was there any time that you had health coverage?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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YHEA-1940A [S86453.00]Section: Health

In the past twelve months, have you visited a doctor for a routine checkup?

 1   YES
 0   NO

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