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How to Get the Most from This Site

Here are links tailored to meet the needs of users with different levels of experience with NLS data.

We encourage new NLS data users to view Introduction to the NLS to learn about the NLS Program and its surveys. To learn about the general contents of our surveys, see Topics Covered in the NLS Surveys. See Accessing Data to learn how to search for and extract public-use NLS data using the online NLS Investigator. Finally, the NLS tutorials provide examples of how to approach research projects, search for and extract appropriate data, and then program with NLS data. This information, and more, appears on the Getting Started page.

As a user familiar with NLS data, you may want to view a list of documentation available for each cohort, including questionnaires, codebook supplements, and Topical User's Guides. Cohort pages are here:

Accessing Data provides information about public-use data and the NLS Investigator, as well as information about applying for geocode and other confidential NLS data. 

You may be interested in Press Releases that use NLS data. Monthly Labor Review articles and other BLS reports that use NLS data are also available. The searchable online bibliography provides information about the thousands of articles written using NLS data. Finally, you can view Introduction to the NLS to learn general information about the NLS Program and its surveys.