Errata for NLSY97 Round 17 Release

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1997 Cohort

Errata for NLSY97 Round 17 Release


Problem in Pregnancy Series for Female Respondents in Round 17 (2015) [posted on 4/17/2018]

In the round 17 data, due to an error in the preloaded data, the majority of female respondents answered a complete retrospective series on pregnancies, rather than on pregnancies since the date of last interview. This is the reason for the large frequency number in question YSAQ2-314 (2590 responses) and the low frequency number for question YSAQ2-314C (980 responses). This error also affects the pregnancy outcome frequencies in YSAQ2-326, YSAQ2-326D, and YSAQ2-326F.


Case Data Deletion [posted on 4/9/2018]

After the release of the 2013 data, the case data for respondent id 1061 were determined to be invalid for that survey year. The 2013 data for id 1061 have been removed from the round 17 release data, and the status of this case for survey year 2013 has been set to a non-interview.

NLSY97 Schooling Event History Errata [posted on 3/1/2018]

Researchers comparing the latest round of the schooling event history variables with previous rounds of data will notice some historical data has changed. In general, some cases in the historical schooling data are modified each round since the NLSY97 first released the schooling event histories.

The histories get modified for a number of reasons. First, the overall schooling event histories are created by laying down an early round of information, then overlaying any changes on top. The program that creates the histories first puts down round 2’s information. Then the program layers round 3’s information on top. When this is done, round 4’s information is then layered over all the previous sets of data and the process repeats until the current round. Because respondents are allowed to provide information about schooling that is not constrained by the date of the last interview, some respondents provide changes and additions that modify earlier historic data that has been released to the public.

For example, public ID 1129 provided information that changes the values in the SCH_COLLEGE_TERM array between round 16 and 17. The SCH_COLLEGE_TERM array shows which schools and what semesters or terms the respondent is attending. This respondent in round 16 reported going to two different schools. For the second school they attended they reported going to six different semesters or terms. In round 17 they came back and reported different term dates for attending the second school. In the schooling event histories, newer information is assumed more complete and correct. Because they provided newer information, these new data over-wrote the older information and changed the historical values.

Another reason why historical schooling data can change is because the NLSY97 does not ask about full- or part-time status until after a term is marked as completed. This means there are some respondents who start schooling but their full- or part-time status is unknown until later. These changes show up in the SCH_COLLEGE_DEGREE arrays.

For example, in round 16 the historical data for respondent ID 3317 had a missing code (flagged as a 303) in 2001 to 2004. In round 17 the questionnaire determined that all the schooling in these years was done as part of a full-time program (coded as 103). The historical data from 2001 to 2004 were all changed from a code of 303 to 103 to reflect this new information, which was acquired in 2017.

Documentation Correction to Titles: How Old When Incarcerated Relative Went to Jail [posted on 2/26/2018]

The following NLSY97 variables were incorrectly titled. The correct title for each listed variable should be "HOW OLD WHEN INCARCERATED RELATIVE WENT TO JAIL." These corrections will be included in the next NLSY97 data release.

T1066000  YHEA-2860.01  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 01 DIED 2007
T1066100  YHEA-2860.02  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 02 DIED 2007
T1066200  YHEA-2860.03  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 03 DIED 2007
T1066300  YHEA-2860.04  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 04 DIED 2007
T1066400  YHEA-2860.05  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 05 DIED 2007
T3159700  YHEA-2860.01  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 01 DIED 2008
T3159800  YHEA-2860.02  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 02 DIED 2008
T3159900  YHEA-2860.03  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 03 DIED 2008
T3160000  YHEA-2860.05  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 05 DIED 2008
T4577700  YHEA-2860.03  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 03 DIED 2009
T4577800  YHEA-2860.05  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 05 DIED 2009
T9108900  YHEA-2860.01  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 01 DIED 2013
T9109000  YHEA-2860.02  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 02 DIED 2013
T9109100  YHEA-2860.03  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 03 DIED 2013
T9109200  YHEA-2860.04  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 04 DIED 2013
T9109300  YHEA-2860.05  HOW OLD WAS R WHEN RELATIVE 05 DIED 2013

Marriage Event History Array Data Updated for Small Number of Cases [originally posted on 10/19/2017; updated with more cases on 12/12/2017]

Due to inconsistences found between the marriage event history arrays, the following updates were made. The updates will be included in the next release.

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.12 through MAR_COHABITATION_2014.03 to 101

Update MAR_STATUS_2004.01 through MAR_STATUS_2005.11 to 3
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.12 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2005.11 to 501

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2002.02 through MAR_COHABITATION_2010.06 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.03 through MAR_COHABITATION_2013.12 to 101

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.01 through MAR_COHABITATION_2011.06 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.08 through MAR_COHABITATION_2013.11 to 101
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.01 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.11 to 401

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.02 through MAR_COHABITATION_2005.05 to 101

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.10 through MAR_COHABITATION_2013.12 to 101

The following cases were added to the list on 12/12/2017:

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2000.04 and MAR_COHABITATION_2000.05 to 101

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2000.02 through MAR_COHABITATION_2000.09 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2003.10 through MAR_COHABITATION_2004.05 to 102
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2006.02 through MAR_COHABITATION_2015.11 to 102
Update CVC_COHAB_TTL to 2

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.11 through MAR_COHABITATION_2014.01 to 102

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.12 through MAR_COHABITATION_2012.05 to 101

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.10 through MAR_COHABITATION_2014.06 to 102

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.10 through MAR_COHABITATION_2013.11 to 104

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2009.01 to 102
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2009.01 to 1301

Update MAR_STATUS_2002.08 through MAR_STATUS_2004.10 to -3
Update MAR_STATUS_2004.11 through MAR_STATUS_2006.06 to 3
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2002.08 through MAR_COHABITATION_2004.04 to 201
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.05 through MAR_COHABITATION_2004.09 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.11 through MAR_COHABITATION_2007.11 to 101
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2002.08 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.04 to 701
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.05 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.09 to 801
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.10 to -4
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2004.11 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2007.11 to 801

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2010.07 through MAR_COHABITATION_2010.10 to 201

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.11 through MAR_COHABITATION_2012.11 to 102

Update MAR_STATUS_2008.02 through MAR_STATUS_2009.01 to -3
Update MAR_STATUS_2009.02 through MAR_STATUS_2010.10 to 2
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.01 through MAR_COHABITATION_2006.11 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2008.02 through MAR_COHABITATION_2010.01 to 201
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2010.11 and MAR_COHABITATION_2010.12 to -4
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2010.02 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2010.12 to 1201

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2011.10 through MAR_COHABITATION_2013.12 to 104
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2011.10 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2013.12 to 1401

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.10 through MAR_COHABITATION_2005.01 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2013.06 through MAR_COHABITATION_2014.10 to 102
Update CVC_COHAB_TTL to 2
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2000.01 through MAR_COHABITATION_2002.05 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.01 through MAR_COHABITATION_2007.06 to 102
Update CVC_COHAB_TTL to 2

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.02 through MAR_COHABITATION_2005.01 to 101
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2005.04 through MAR_COHABITATION_2007.05 to 102
Update CVC_COHAB_TTL to 2

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2000.01 through MAR_COHABITATION_2000.12 to 101

Update MAR_COHABITATION_2004.01 through MAR_COHABITATION_2004.09 to 102
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2007.03 through MAR_COHABITATION_2008.01 to 103
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2008.06 through MAR_COHABITATION_2010.03 to 104
Update CVC_COHAB_TTL to 4

Update MAR_STATUS_2002.04 through MAR_STATUS_2005.03 to 0
Update MAR_COHABITATION_2002.04 through MAR_COHABITATION_2005.03 to -4

College Major Code Variables Missing in Latest NLSY97 Data Release [posted 10/31/2017]

The NLSY97 Round 17 college major codes were inadvertently omitted from the most recent public data release. To access these variables, click on the zip file College_Majors_Codes_rnd17. The variables will be included in all future public releases of the NLSY97 data.