Relationship to Household Parent Figures (Interview Date) - Appendix 3

Relationship to Household Parent Figures (Interview Date) - Appendix 3

Variable Created


Available for rounds 1-7, this variable indicates the relationship of the respondent to the primary adults in the household at the time of the interview. The round 7 program is included below; previous rounds are very similar. In rounds 2-7 there was no information collected on the legal guardian of the youth, so it is not possible to determine whether respondents are living with non-parent relatives because they are guardians or because the living situation is better (e.g., closer to school, no rent). For this reason, youths above the age 18 and above are considered independent and, if they are not living with an identified parent or parent-figure (legal guardian), are put into the anything else category. Youths below the age of 18 who are not living with an identified parent or parent-figure are put into the category that most closely matches their household situation.

In some cases respondents did not report a relationship code for one or more household members (coded as -3). In such cases, if a parent/parent figure was reported in the household, the respondent received the correct code for that relationship. If no parent figure was reported and the respondent was over 18, a code of "10" was assigned. If no parent figure was reported and the respondent was under 18, a code of "-3" (invalid skip) was assigned.

Variables Used

/*Variable Names in Program       Variable Names in Gator*/

  HH1UID01-17                     HHI2_UID.01-.17
  SH931-5                         SH93.01-.05
  YID                             YOUTH_ID.01
  REL_r1                          CV_YTH_REL_HH_CURRENT
  REL_r2                          CV_YTH_REL_HH_CURRENT
  REL_r3                          CV_YTH_REL_HH_CURRENT
  REL_r4                          CV_YTH_REL_HH_CURRENT
  REL_r5                          CV_YTH_REL_HH_CURRENT
  REL_r6                          CV_YTH_REL_HH_CURRENT
  hhage01-13                      HHI_AGE.01-.13
  hhest_01-06                     HHI_AGEEST.01-.06
  marry_1-13                      HHI_MARSTAT.01-.13
  hhrel_1-13                      HHI_RELY.01-.13
  HHUID01-13                      HHI_UID.01-.13
  age                             SYMBOL!KEY!AGE
  pubid                           PUBID

SAS Code for Variable Creation

if hhrel_01~=-5;

array hhrel (*) hhrel_01-hhrel_13;
array hhmst (*) hhmst_01-hhmst_13;
array hhage (*) hhage_01-hhage_13;
array hhuid (*) hhuid_01-hhuid_13;
array hhest (*) hhest_01-hhest_06;
array hhuid1 (*) hhuid1_01-hhuid1_17;

** Set age of Household members using estimated age when actual age is not known.;
do i=1 to 6;
* Set age of household member to 25 when estimated his/her age is over 25 (estimated age = 4, 5, 6);
if hhest(i)>3 then hhage(i)=25;
* Set age of household member to 17 when estimated his/her age is under 18 (estimated age = 1, 2);
if hhest(i) in (1,2) then hhage(i)=17;

** This part identifies legal guardians so that we can determine whether any guardians are present from
the Round 1 interview using only unique IDs. IDs of Household members after Round 1 have 6 digits, so
this program will not identify any household member from any round other than Round 1 as the legal
guardian. This is necessary as we don't have information on legal guardian status for Household
members after Round 1.;

do i=1 to 17;
if yid=1 & sh93_01>0 & sh93_01+100=hhuid1(i) then uid=hhuid1(i);
if yid=2 & sh93_02>0 & sh93_02+100=hhuid1(i) then uid=hhuid1(i);
if yid=3 & sh93_03>0 & sh93_03+100=hhuid1(i) then uid=hhuid1(i);
if yid=4 & sh93_04>0 & sh93_04+100=hhuid1(i) then uid=hhuid1(i);
if yid=5 & sh93_05>0 & sh93_05+100=hhuid1(i) then uid=hhuid1(i);

** Household member identified as the legal guardian in Round 1 is present in the household in Round7.
legal>0 for N=60.;
do i=1 to dim(hhuid);
if uid~=. & uid=hhuid(i) then do;

** At least one member in the household is an adult (21 years and over);
do i=1 to dim(hhuid);
if hhage(i)>20 then adulthh=1;

** Relation of Legal Guardian to Youth;

* Grandparent;
if 28<legal<37 then lgrand=1;

* Spouse;
if legal=1|legal=2 then lspouse=1;

* Siblings;
if 12<legal<19 & adulthh=1 then lsibs=1;

* Aunt/Uncle and Other Relatives;
if 69<legal<85 & adulthh=1 then lrltv=1;

* Lover/Roommate/Other Non-relative/Mother's or Father's Partner;
if legal in (69,68,85,88,89) then lnrltv=1;

* Invalid;
if legal in (-1,-2,-3) then linv=1;

* Independent;
do i=1 to dim(hhuid);
if hhrel(i)>-4 then indep=0;

** Relation of Non Legal Guardians to the Youth;

nlgrand=0; nlspouse=0; nlsibs=0; nlrltv=0; nlnrltv=0; nlinv=0;

do i=1 to dim(hhuid);

* Grandparent;
if 28<hhrel(i)<37 then nlgrand=1;

* Spouse;
if hhrel(i)=1|hhrel(i)=2 then nlspouse=1;

* Siblings;
if 12<hhrel(i)<19 & hhage(i)>20 then nlsibs=1;

* Aunt/Uncle and Other Relatives;
if 69<hhrel(i)<85 & hhage(i)>20 then nlrltv=1;

* Lover/Roommate/Other Non-relative/Mother's or Father's Partner;
if hhrel(i) in (69,68,85,88,89) then nlnrltv=1;

* Invalid;
if hhrel(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then nlinv=1;


** For all youth;
if nlspouse~=. then spouse=nlspouse;

** Identifying the parent figure in the household;
mother=0; father=0; adpdad=0; adpmom=0; fstmom=0; fstdad=0; stpmom=0; stpdad=0; both=0;
do i=1 to dim(hhuid);
if hhrel(i)=3 then mother=i;
if hhrel(i)=4 then father=i;
if hhrel(i)=5 then adpmom=i;
if hhrel(i)=6 then adpdad=i;
if hhrel(i)=7 then stpmom=i;
if hhrel(i)=8 then stpdad=i;
if hhrel(i)=9 then fstmom=i;
if hhrel(i)=10 then fstdad=i;
if mother>0 & father>0 then both=1;

** Creating the final variable - REL;
if inv=1 then REL=-3;
if indep=1|(inv~=1 & nrltv>0) then REL=10;
if inv~=1 & (rltv>0|sibs>0) then REL=9;
if grand>0 & mother=0 & father=0 then REL=8;
if spouse=1|stpdad>0|stpmom>0 then REL=10;
if fstdad>0|fstmom>0 then REL=7;
if adpmom>0|adpdad>0 then REL=6;
if father>0 & mother=0 then REL=5;
if mother>0 & father=0 then REL=4;
if father>0 & mother=0 & (adpmom>0|stpmom>0) then REL=3;
if mother>0 & father=0 & (adpdad>0|stpdad>0) then REL=2;
if mother>0 & father>0 then REL=1;