Current Citizenship Status - Appendix 3

Current Citizenship Status - Appendix 3

Variable Created


This program creates a variable summarizing the respondent's citizenship status as of the survey date. Status is coded as citizen, born in the U.S.; citizen, naturalized; applicant for naturalization; permanent resident; applicant for residence; or other.

Note that a similar Round 1 variable, CV_CITIZENSHIP, was created using data from the Parent Questionnaire. Users who need more information on the creation of this variable should contact NLS User Services.

Variables Used

/*Variable Names in the Program             Variable Names on the Gator*/

  CITIZEN1997                               CV_CITIZENSHIP_1997
  CITIZEN2001                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2001
  CITIZEN2002                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2002
  CITIZEN2003                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2003
  CITIZEN2004                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2004
  CITIZEN2006                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2006
  CITIZEN2007                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2007
  CITIZEN2008                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2008
  CITIZEN2008                               CV_CITIZEN_CURRENT_2009
  INT_M                                     CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M
  INT_Y                                     CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y
  H55700A                                   YHHI-55700A
  usborn                                    YHHI-55701
  sborn                                     YHHI-55702
  cborn                                     YHHI-55703
  citist                                    YHHI-55704
  cciti                                     YHHI-55705A
  nocitist1                                 YHHI-55706~000001
  nocitist2                                 YHHI-55706~000002
  nocitist3                                 YHHI-55706~000003
  nocitist4                                 YHHI-55706~000004
  nocitist5                                 YHHI-55706~000005
  nocitist6                                 YHHI-55706~000006
  nocitist7                                 YHHI-55706~000007
  PUBID                                     PUBID

SAS Code for Variable Creation

%let n=9;
%let k=7;

array  citizen0 (&n);
array  nocitist (&k);

do i=1 to (&n);
if citizen0(i)>-4 then citizen=citizen0(i);

if (usborn=1 | citist=1) then citizen=1;
    else if  citist=2  then citizen=2;
      else if citist=3 and cciti=1 then do;
          if  nocitist1 =1  then citizen=3;
              else if nocitist2=1 then citizen=4;
                   else if  nocitist3=1 then citizen=5;
                  else if (nocitist4=1 | nocitist5=1 | nocitist6=1 | nocitist7=1) then citizen=6;

do i=1 to (&k) ;
if nocitist(i) in (-1,-2) then citizen=-3;
if -4<citist<0 then  citizen=-3;
if  usborn=-5  then citizen=-5;

/* In the prior interview they reported being born outside of the US and being a lawful resident of the US.
Then in round 13, they switch their answer to being born in the US (YHHI-55701). */

do i=1 to (&n);
if citizen=1 & (citizen0(i)>1)   then  problem2=1;
if problem2=1 then citizen=-3;

/* All YHHI-557001 are 0. R's need to pick one of them */
if count0=7 then citizen=-3;