Number of Residences since Age 12 - Appendix 3

Number of Residences since Age 12 - Appendix 3

Variable Created


This program calculates the number of residences in which youth has lived since age 12. In round 1, the variable was created with information from the parent interview. In round 2, information collected from the respondent was combined with the round 1 variable to update the previous information. Subsequent rounds continue to update the variable with respondent-provided data. This variable has valid data only for respondents whose parents were interviewed in round 1; respondents with no parent interview are assigned a -3 (invalid skip).

Variables Used

/*Variable Names in the Program           Variable Names on the Gator*/ 
  residprev                               previous round CVC variable
  y3500                                   YHHI-3500  
  y3600                                   YHHI-3600  
  pubid                                   pubid     

SAS Code for Variable Creation

    resid =-4 ;

    /*correction for this round*/
    /* Invalid responese. */
    if residprev in ( -1,-2,-3) or (residprev>-4 and (y3500 in(-1,-2,-3) or y3600 in(-1,-2,-3))) then resid=-3;
    /* refusal, don't know in Current Round and in DLI round non-parent and refusal, don't know*/

    /* we have valid answers in previous and current round. */
      if residprev>=0 & y3500=0   then resid=residprev;        /* Did not move since DLI; */
      if residprev>=0 & y3600>=0  then resid=residprev+y3600;  /* Moved since DLI;        */
    label resid = "CVC_TTL_RESIDENCES";

    /* Check whether Respondents who have been interviewed in the Current Round but whose
    parents were not interviewed in Round 1 get RESID=-4. If they do not then prob1=1 -  
    these prob1=1 cases generally have their resid=-4.  */
    if residprev=-4 & y3500 NE -5 & resid NE -4 then prob1=1;

    /* Check if RESID ever flips over the rounds. If so then prob2=1;  */
    if residprev>resid>=0 then prob2=1;

    /* non interview */
    if (y3500=-5 ) then resid=residprev;

    /* prob3 flag if they have positive answers previously, but becomes '-4' in later rounds*/
    if (residprev>=0) and resid=-4 then prob3=prob3+1;
    *if (prob3 NE 0) then resid = -3;