Fertility and Child Status - Appendix 3

Fertility and Child Status - Appendix 3

Variables Created

  • CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.xx~M, CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.xx~Y--month and year of birth of youth's children (actual date)
  • CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.xx--month of birth of youth's children (continuous month scheme)
  • CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.xx~M, CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.xx~Y--month and year of death of youth's biological children
  • CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.xx--month of death of youth's biological children (continuous month scheme)
  • CV_CHILD_STATUS.xx--status of youth's children
  • CV_BIO_CHILD_HH--number of children ever born (biological, not adopted) to the youth as of the survey date and residing in the household
  • CV_BIO_CHILD_NR--number of children ever born (biological, not adopted) to the youth as of the survey date not residing in the household
  • CVC_TTL_BIO_CHILD--total number of biological children (collapsed variable)

This program creates a number of variables describing the youth's fertility and the current status of the youth's children. For more information on the continuous month system, see Appendix 7.

Variables Used

/*Variable Names in the Program           Variable Names on the Gator*/

  PUBID                                   'PUBID_2010'n
  ADOPTED1                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.01_2010'n
  ADOPTED2                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.02_2010'n
  ADOPTED3                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.03_2010'n
  ADOPTED4                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.04_2010'n
  ADOPTED5                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.05_2010'n
  ADOPTED6                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.06_2010'n
  ADOPTED7                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.07_2010'n
  ADOPTED8                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.08_2010'n
  ADOPTED9                                'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTED.09_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT1                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.01_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT2                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.02_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT3                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.03_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT4                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.04_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT5                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.05_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT6                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.06_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT7                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.07_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT8                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.08_2010'n
  ADOPTEDOUT9                             'BIOADOPTCHILD_ADOPTEDOUT.09_2010'n
  BD1                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.01~D_2010'n
  BM1                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.01~M_2010'n
  BY1                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.01~Y_2010'n
  BD2                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.02~D_2010'n
  BM2                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.02~M_2010'n
  BY2                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.02~Y_2010'n
  BD3                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.03~D_2010'n
  BM3                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.03~M_2010'n
  BY3                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.03~Y_2010'n
  BD4                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.04~D_2010'n
  BM4                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.04~M_2010'n
  BY4                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.04~Y_2010'n
  BD5                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.05~D_2010'n
  BM5                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.05~M_2010'n
  BY5                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.05~Y_2010'n
  BD6                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.06~D_2010'n
  BM6                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.06~M_2010'n
  BY6                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.06~Y_2010'n
  BD7                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.07~D_2010'n
  BM7                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.07~M_2010'n
  BY7                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.07~Y_2010'n
  BD8                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.08~D_2010'n
  BM8                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.08~M_2010'n
  BY8                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.08~Y_2010'n
  BD9                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.09~D_2010'n
  BM9                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.09~M_2010'n
  BY9                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_BDATE.09~Y_2010'n
  DEAD1                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.01_2010'n
  DEAD2                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.02_2010'n
  DEAD3                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.03_2010'n
  DEAD4                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.04_2010'n
  DEAD5                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.05_2010'n
  DEAD6                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.06_2010'n
  DEAD7                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.07_2010'n
  DEAD8                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.08_2010'n
  DEAD9                                   'BIOADOPTCHILD_DEAD.09_2010'n
  DM1                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.01~M_2010'n
  DY1                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.01~Y_2010'n
  DM2                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.02~M_2010'n
  DY2                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.02~Y_2010'n
  DM3                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.03~M_2010'n
  DY3                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.03~Y_2010'n
  DM4                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.04~M_2010'n
  DY4                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.04~Y_2010'n
  DM5                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.05~M_2010'n
  DY5                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.05~Y_2010'n
  DM6                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.06~M_2010'n
  DY6                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.06~Y_2010'n
  DM7                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.07~M_2010'n
  DY7                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.07~Y_2010'n
  DM8                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.08~M_2010'n
  DY8                                     'BIOADOPTCHILD_DOD.08~Y_2010'n
  BIOID1                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.01_2010'n
  BIOID2                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.02_2010'n
  BIOID3                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.03_2010'n
  BIOID4                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.04_2010'n
  BIOID5                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.05_2010'n
  BIOID6                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.06_2010'n
  BIOID7                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.07_2010'n
  BIOID8                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.08_2010'n
  BIOID9                                  'BIOADOPTCHILD_ID.09_2010'n
  RESIDE1                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.01_2010'n
  RESIDE2                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.02_2010'n
  RESIDE3                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.03_2010'n
  RESIDE4                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.04_2010'n
  RESIDE5                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.05_2010'n
  RESIDE6                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.06_2010'n
  RESIDE7                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.07_2010'n
  RESIDE8                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.08_2010'n
  RESIDE9                                 'BIOADOPTCHILD_RESIDE.09_2010'n
  F103B                                   'YFER-103B_2010'n
  F104B                                   'YFER-104B_2010'n
  F12001                                  'YFER-1200.01_2010'n
  F12002                                  'YFER-1200.02_2010'n
  F12003                                  'YFER-1200.03_2010'n
  F12004                                  'YFER-1200.04_2010'n
  F12005                                  'YFER-1200.05_2010'n
  F12006                                  'YFER-1200.06_2010'n
  F12007                                  'YFER-1200.07_2010'n
  F1300D1                                 'YFER-1300.01~D_2010'n
  F1300M1                                 'YFER-1300.01~M_2010'n
  F1300Y1                                 'YFER-1300.01~Y_2010'n
  F1300D2                                 'YFER-1300.02~D_2010'n
  F1300M2                                 'YFER-1300.02~M_2010'n
  F1300Y2                                 'YFER-1300.02~Y_2010'n
  F1300D3                                 'YFER-1300.03~D_2010'n
  F1300M3                                 'YFER-1300.03~M_2010'n
  F1300Y3                                 'YFER-1300.03~Y_2010'n
  F18101                                  'YFER-1810.01_2010'n
  F18102                                  'YFER-1810.02_2010'n
  F18103                                  'YFER-1810.03_2010'n
  F18104                                  'YFER-1810.04_2010'n
  F18105                                  'YFER-1810.05_2010'n
  F18106                                  'YFER-1810.06_2010'n
  F18501                                  'YFER-1850.01_2010'n
  F18502                                  'YFER-1850.02_2010'n
  F18503                                  'YFER-1850.03_2010'n
  F18504                                  'YFER-1850.04_2010'n
  F18505                                  'YFER-1850.05_2010'n
  F18506                                  'YFER-1850.06_2010'n
  F18507                                  'YFER-1850.07_2010'n
  F18508                                  'YFER-1850.08_2010'n
  F18509                                  'YFER-1850.09_2010'n
  F18551                                  'YFER-1855.01_2010'n
  F18552                                  'YFER-1855.02_2010'n
  F18553                                  'YFER-1855.03_2010'n
  F18554                                  'YFER-1855.04_2010'n
  F18555                                  'YFER-1855.05_2010'n
  F18556                                  'YFER-1855.06_2010'n
  F18557                                  'YFER-1855.07_2010'n
  F18558                                  'YFER-1855.08_2010'n
  F18559                                  'YFER-1855.09_2010'n
  F1860M1                                 'YFER-1860.01~M_2010'n
  F1860Y1                                 'YFER-1860.01~Y_2010'n
  F1860M2                                 'YFER-1860.02~M_2010'n
  F1860Y2                                 'YFER-1860.02~Y_2010'n
  F18801                                  'YFER-1880.01_2010'n
  F18802                                  'YFER-1880.02_2010'n
  F18803                                  'YFER-1880.03_2010'n
  F18804                                  'YFER-1880.04_2010'n
  F18805                                  'YFER-1880.05_2010'n
  F18806                                  'YFER-1880.06_2010'n
  F18807                                  'YFER-1880.07_2010'n
  F18808                                  'YFER-1880.08_2010'n
  F18809                                  'YFER-1880.09_2010'n
  F18901                                  'YFER-1890.01_2010'n
  F18902                                  'YFER-1890.02_2010'n
  F18903                                  'YFER-1890.03_2010'n
  F18904                                  'YFER-1890.04_2010'n
  F18905                                  'YFER-1890.05_2010'n
  F18906                                  'YFER-1890.06_2010'n
  F18907                                  'YFER-1890.07_2010'n
  F18908                                  'YFER-1890.08_2010'n
  F18909                                  'YFER-1890.09_2010'n
  F18911                                  'YFER-1891.01_2010'n
  F18912                                  'YFER-1891.02_2010'n
  F18913                                  'YFER-1891.03_2010'n
  F18914                                  'YFER-1891.04_2010'n
  F18915                                  'YFER-1891.05_2010'n
  F18916                                  'YFER-1891.06_2010'n
  F18917                                  'YFER-1891.07_2010'n
  F18918                                  'YFER-1891.08_2010'n
  F18919                                  'YFER-1891.09_2010'n
  F48301                                  'YFER-4830.01_2010'n
  F48302                                  'YFER-4830.02_2010'n
  F48303                                  'YFER-4830.03_2010'n
  F48304                                  'YFER-4830.04_2010'n
  F5600D1                                 'YFER-5600.01~D_2010'n
  F5600M1                                 'YFER-5600.01~M_2010'n
  F5600Y1                                 'YFER-5600.01~Y_2010'n
  F5600D2                                 'YFER-5600.02~D_2010'n
  F5600M2                                 'YFER-5600.02~M_2010'n
  F5600Y2                                 'YFER-5600.02~Y_2010'n
  F5600D3                                 'YFER-5600.03~D_2010'n
  F5600M3                                 'YFER-5600.03~M_2010'n
  F5600Y3                                 'YFER-5600.03~Y_2010'n
  F5600D4                                 'YFER-5600.04~D_2010'n
  F5600M4                                 'YFER-5600.04~M_2010'n
  F5600Y4                                 'YFER-5600.04~Y_2010'n
  F58501                                  'YFER-5850.01_2010'n
  F58502                                  'YFER-5850.02_2010'n
  F58503                                  'YFER-5850.03_2010'n
  F58504                                  'YFER-5850.04_2010'n
  F59001                                  'YFER-5900.01_2010'n
  F59002                                  'YFER-5900.02_2010'n
  F59003                                  'YFER-5900.03_2010'n
  F59004                                  'YFER-5900.04_2010'n
  F6000M1                                 'YFER-6000.01~M_2010'n
  F6000Y1                                 'YFER-6000.01~Y_2010'n
  F7081                                   'YFER-7081_2010'n
  F83901                                  'YFER-8390.01_2010'n
  F83902                                  'YFER-8390.02_2010'n
  F83903                                  'YFER-8390.03_2010'n
  F83904                                  'YFER-8390.04_2010'n
  F152791                                 'YFER-15279.01_2010'n
  F152792                                 'YFER-15279.02_2010'n
  F152793                                 'YFER-15279.03_2010'n
  F152794                                 'YFER-15279.04_2010'n
  cvbm1R1                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01_M_1997
  cvby1R1                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01_Y_1997
  cvbm2R1                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02_M_1997
  cvby2R1                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02_Y_1997
  cvmob1R1                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_1997
  cvmob2R1                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_1997
  cvdm1R1                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01_M_1997
  cvdy1R1                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01_Y_1997
  cvmod1R1                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_1997
  cvstat1R1                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_1997
  cvstat2R1                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_1997
  tbioresR1                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_1997
  tbionresR1                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_1997
  cvbm1R2                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_1998
  cvby1R2                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_1998
  cvbm2R2                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_1998
  cvby2R2                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_1998
  cvbm3R2                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_1998
  cvby3R2                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_1998
  cvmob1R2                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_1998
  cvmob2R2                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_1998
  cvmob3R2                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_1998
  cvdm1R2                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_1998
  cvdy1R2                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_1998
  cvmod1R2                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_1998
  cvstat1R2                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_1998
  cvstat2R2                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_1998
  cvstat3R2                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_1998
  tbioresR2                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_1998
  tbionresR2                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_1998
  cvbm1R3                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_1999
  cvby1R3                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_1999
  cvbm2R3                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_1999
  cvby2R3                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_1999
  cvbm3R3                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_1999
  cvby3R3                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_1999
  cvmob1R3                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_1999
  cvmob2R3                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_1999
  cvmob3R3                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_1999
  cvdm1R3                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_1999
  cvdy1R3                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_1999
  cvmod1R3                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_1999
  cvstat1R3                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_1999
  cvstat2R3                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_1999
  cvstat3R3                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_1999
  tbioresR3                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_1999
  tbionresR3                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_1999
  cvbm1R4                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2000
  cvby1R4                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2000
  cvbm2R4                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2000
  cvby2R4                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2000
  cvbm3R4                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2000
  cvby3R4                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2000
  cvmob1R4                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2000
  cvmob2R4                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2000
  cvmob3R4                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2000
  cvdm1R4                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2000
  cvdy1R4                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2000
  cvdm3R4                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2000
  cvdy3R4                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2000
  cvstat1R4                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2000
  cvstat2R4                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2000
  cvstat3R4                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2000
  tbioresR4                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2000
  tbionresR4                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2000
  cvR4mod1                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2000
  cvR4mod3                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2000
  cvbm1R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2001
  cvby1R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2001
  cvbm2R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2001
  cvby2R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2001
  cvbm3R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2001
  cvby3R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2001
  cvbm4R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2001
  cvby4R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2001
  cvbm5R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2001
  cvby5R5                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2001
  cvmob1R5                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2001
  cvmob2R5                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2001
  cvmob3R5                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2001
  cvmob4R5                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2001
  cvmob5R5                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2001
  cvdm1R5                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2001
  cvdy1R5                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2001
  cvdm3R5                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2001
  cvdy3R5                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2001
  cvstat1R5                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2001
  cvstat2R5                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2001
  cvstat3R5                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2001
  cvstat4R5                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2001
  cvstat5R5                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2001
  tbioresR5                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2001
  tbionresR5                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2001
  cvR5mod1                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2001
  cvR5mod3                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2001
  cvbm1R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2002
  cvby1R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2002
  cvbm2R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2002
  cvby2R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2002
  cvbm3R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2002
  cvby3R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2002
  cvbm4R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2002
  cvby4R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2002
  cvbm5R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2002
  cvby5R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2002
  cvbm6R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2002
  cvby6R6                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2002
  cvmob1R6                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2002
  cvmob2R6                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2002
  cvmob3R6                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2002
  cvmob4R6                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2002
  cvmob5R6                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2002
  cvmob6R6                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2002
  cvdm1R6                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2002
  cvdy1R6                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2002
  cvdm2R6                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2002
  cvdy2R6                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2002
  cvdm3R6                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2002
  cvdy3R6                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2002
  cvmod1R6                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2002
  cvmod2R6                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2002
  cvmod3R6                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2002
  cvstat1R6                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2002
  cvstat2R6                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2002
  cvstat3R6                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2002
  cvstat4R6                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2002
  cvstat5R6                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2002
  cvstat6R6                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2002
  tbioresR6                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2002
  tbionresR6                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2002
  cvbm1R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2003
  cvby1R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2003
  cvbm2R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2003
  cvby2R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2003
  cvbm3R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2003
  cvby3R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2003
  cvbm4R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2003
  cvby4R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2003
  cvbm5R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2003
  cvby5R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2003
  cvbm6R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2003
  cvby6R7                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2003
  cvmob1R7                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2003
  cvmob2R7                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2003
  cvmob3R7                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2003
  cvmob4R7                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2003
  cvmob5R7                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2003
  cvmob6R7                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2003
  cvdm1R7                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2003
  cvdy1R7                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2003
  cvdm2R7                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2003
  cvdy2R7                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2003
  cvmod1R7                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2003
  cvmod2R7                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2003
  cvstat1R7                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2003
  cvstat2R7                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2003
  cvstat3R7                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2003
  cvstat4R7                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2003
  cvstat5R7                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2003
  cvstat6R7                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2003
  tbioresR7                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2003
  tbionresR7                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2003
  cvbm1R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2004
  cvby1R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2004
  cvbm2R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2004
  cvby2R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2004
  cvbm3R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2004
  cvby3R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2004
  cvbm4R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2004
  cvby4R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2004
  cvbm5R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2004
  cvby5R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2004
  cvbm6R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2004
  cvby6R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2004
  cvbm7R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~M_2004
  cvby7R8                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~Y_2004
  cvmob1R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2004
  cvmob2R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2004
  cvmob3R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2004
  cvmob4R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2004
  cvmob5R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2004
  cvmob6R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2004
  cvmob7R8                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.07_2004
  cvdm1R8                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2004
  cvdy1R8                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2004
  cvdm2R8                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2004
  cvdy2R8                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2004
  cvdm3R8                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2004
  cvdy3R8                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2004
  cvmod1R8                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2004
  cvmod2R8                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2004
  cvmod3R8                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2004
  cvstat1R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2004
  cvstat2R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2004
  cvstat3R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2004
  cvstat4R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2004
  cvstat5R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2004
  cvstat6R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2004
  cvstat7R8                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.07_2004
  tbioresR8                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2004
  tbionresR8                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2004
  cvbm1R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2005
  cvby1R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2005
  cvbm2R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2005
  cvby2R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2005
  cvbm3R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2005
  cvby3R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2005
  cvbm4R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2005
  cvby4R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2005
  cvbm5R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2005
  cvby5R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2005
  cvbm6R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2005
  cvby6R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2005
  cvbm7R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~M_2005
  cvby7R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~Y_2005
  cvbm8R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~M_2005
  cvby8R9                                 CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~Y_2005
  cvmob1R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2005
  cvmob2R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2005
  cvmob3R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2005
  cvmob4R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2005
  cvmob5R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2005
  cvmob6R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2005
  cvmob7R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.07_2005
  cvmob8R9                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.08_2005
  cvdm1R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2005
  cvdy1R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2005
  cvdm2R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2005
  cvdy2R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2005
  cvdm3R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2005
  cvdy3R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2005
  cvdm4R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~M_2005
  cvdy4R9                                 CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~Y_2005
  cvmod1R9                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2005
  cvmod2R9                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2005
  cvmod3R9                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2005
  cvmod4R9                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.04_2005
  cvstat1R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2005
  cvstat2R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2005
  cvstat3R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2005
  cvstat4R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2005
  cvstat5R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2005
  cvstat6R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2005
  cvstat7R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.07_2005
  cvstat8R9                               CV_CHILD_STATUS.08_2005
  tbioresR9                               CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2005
  tbionresR9                              CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2005
  cvbm1R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2006
  cvby1R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2006
  cvbm2R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2006
  cvby2R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2006
  cvbm3R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2006
  cvby3R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2006
  cvbm4R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2006
  cvby4R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2006
  cvbm5R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2006
  cvby5R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2006
  cvbm6R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2006
  cvby6R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2006
  cvbm7R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~M_2006
  cvby7R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~Y_2006
  cvbm8R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~M_2006
  cvby8R10                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~Y_2006
  cvmob1R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2006
  cvmob2R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2006
  cvmob3R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2006
  cvmob4R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2006
  cvmob5R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2006
  cvmob6R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2006
  cvmob7R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.07_2006
  cvmob8R10                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.08_2006
  cvdm1R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2006
  cvdy1R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2006
  cvdm2R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2006
  cvdy2R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2006
  cvdm3R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2006
  cvdy3R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2006
  cvdm4R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~M_2006
  cvdy4R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~Y_2006
  cvdm6R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~M_2006
  cvdy6R10                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~Y_2006
  cvmod1R10                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2006
  cvmod2R10                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2006
  cvmod3R10                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2006
  cvmod4R10                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.04_2006
  cvmod6R10                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.06_2006
  cvstat1R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2006
  cvstat2R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2006
  cvstat3R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2006
  cvstat4R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2006
  cvstat5R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2006
  cvstat6R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2006
  cvstat7R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.07_2006
  cvstat8R10                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.08_2006
  tbioresR10                              CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2006
  tbionresR10                             CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2006
  cvbm1R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2007
  cvby1R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2007
  cvbm2R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2007
  cvby2R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2007
  cvbm3R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2007
  cvby3R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2007
  cvbm4R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2007
  cvby4R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2007
  cvbm5R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2007
  cvby5R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2007
  cvbm6R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2007
  cvby6R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2007
  cvbm7R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~M_2007
  cvby7R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~Y_2007
  cvbm8R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~M_2007
  cvby8R11                                CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~Y_2007
  cvmob1R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2007
  cvmob2R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2007
  cvmob3R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2007
  cvmob4R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2007
  cvmob5R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2007
  cvmob6R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2007
  cvmob7R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.07_2007
  cvmob8R11                               CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.08_2007
  cvdm1R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2007
  cvdy1R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2007
  cvdm2R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2007
  cvdy2R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2007
  cvdm3R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2007
  cvdy3R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2007
  cvdm4R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~M_2007
  cvdy4R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~Y_2007
  cvdm6R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~M_2007
  cvdy6R11                                CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~Y_2007
  cvmod1R11                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2007
  cvmod2R11                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2007
  cvmod3R11                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2007
  cvmod4R11                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.04_2007
  cvmod6R11                               CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.06_2007
  cvstat1R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2007
  cvstat2R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2007
  cvstat3R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2007
  cvstat4R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2007
  cvstat5R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2007
  cvstat6R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2007
  cvstat7R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.07_2007
  cvstat8R11                              CV_CHILD_STATUS.08_2007
  tbioresR11                              CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2007
  tbionresR11                             CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2007
    cvbm1R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2008
  cvby1R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2008
  cvbm2R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2008
  cvby2R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2008
  cvbm3R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2008
  cvby3R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2008
  cvbm4R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2008
  cvby4R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2008
  cvbm5R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2008
  cvby5R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2008
  cvbm6R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2008
  cvby6R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2008
  cvbm7R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~M_2008
  cvby7R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~Y_2008
  cvbm8R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~M_2008
  cvby8R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~Y_2008
  cvby8R12                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~Y_2008
  cvmob1R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2008
  cvmob2R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2008
  cvmob3R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2008
  cvmob4R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2008
  cvmob5R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2008
  cvmob6R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2008
  cvmob7R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.07_2008
  cvmob8R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.08_2008
  cvmob8R12                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.08_2008
  cvdm1R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2008
  cvdy1R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2008
  cvdm2R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2008
  cvdy2R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2008
  cvdm3R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2008
  cvdy3R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2008
  cvdm4R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~M_2008
  cvdy4R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~Y_2008
  cvdm5R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.05~M_2008
  cvdy5R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.05~Y_2008
  cvdm6R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~M_2008
  cvdy6R12                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~Y_2008
  cvmod1R12                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2008
  cvmod2R12                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2008
  cvmod3R12                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2008
  cvmod4R12                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.04_2008
  cvmod5R12                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.05_2008
  cvmod6R12                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.06_2008
  cvstat1R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2008
  cvstat2R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2008
  cvstat3R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2008
  cvstat4R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2008
  cvstat5R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2008
  cvstat6R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2008
  cvstat7R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.07_2008
  cvstat8R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.08_2008
  cvstat9R12                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.08_2008
  tbioresR12                              'CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2008
  tbionresR12                             'CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2008
  cvbm1R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~M_2009
  cvby1R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.01~Y_2009
  cvbm2R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~M_2009
  cvby2R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.02~Y_2009
  cvbm3R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~M_2009
  cvby3R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.03~Y_2009
  cvbm4R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~M_2009
  cvby4R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.04~Y_2009
  cvbm5R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~M_2009
  cvby5R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.05~Y_2009
  cvbm6R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~M_2009
  cvby6R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.06~Y_2009
  cvbm7R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~M_2009
  cvby7R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.07~Y_2009
  cvbm8R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~M_2009
  cvby8R13                                'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.08~Y_2009
  cvmob1R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.01_2009
  cvmob2R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.02_2009
  cvmob3R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.03_2009
  cvmob4R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.04_2009
  cvmob5R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.05_2009
  cvmob6R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.06_2009
  cvmob7R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.07_2009
  cvmob8R13                               'CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.08_2009
  cvdm1R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~M_2009
  cvdy1R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.01~Y_2009
  cvdm2R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~M_2009
  cvdy2R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.02~Y_2009
  cvdm3R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~M_2009
  cvdy3R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.03~Y_2009
  cvdm4R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~M_2009
  cvdy4R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.04~Y_2009
  cvdm5R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.05~M_2009
  cvdy5R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.05~Y_2009
  cvdm6R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~M_2009
  cvdy6R13                                'CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.06~Y_2009
  cvmod1R13                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.01_2009
  cvmod2R13                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.02_2009
  cvmod3R13                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.03_2009
  cvmod4R13                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.04_2009
  cvmod5R13                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.05_2009
  cvmod6R13                               'CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.06_2009
  cvstat1R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.01_2009
  cvstat2R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.02_2009
  cvstat3R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.03_2009
  cvstat4R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.04_2009
  cvstat5R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.05_2009
  cvstat6R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.06_2009
  cvstat7R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.07_2009
  cvstat8R13                              'CV_CHILD_STATUS.08_2009
  tbioresR13                              'CV_BIO_CHILD_HH_2009
  tbionresR13                             'CV_BIO_CHILD_NR_2009
  int_M                                   CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M
  int_Y                                   CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y
  int_cmr1                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_1997
  int_cmr2                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_1998
  int_cmr3                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_1999
  int_cmr4                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2000
  int_cmr5                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2001
  int_cmr6                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2002
  int_cmr7                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2003
  int_cmr8                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2004
  int_cmr9                                CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2005
  int_cmr10                               CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2006
  int_cmr11                               CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2007
  int_cmr12                               CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2008
  int_cmr13                               CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH MONTH_2009

SAS Code for Variable Creation

/*Ages ( and birth dates) of new children and their bio parents are the same or only one year apart */

if pubid in (1196, 3098 ) then do;

%let o=1;
%let f=4;
%let e=9;
%let k=9;
%let n=13;

array cv_prebm  (9, 13 ) cvbm1R1-cvbm1R13    cvbm2R1-cvbm2R13    cvbm3R1-cvbm3R13   cvbm4R1-cvbm4R13
                         cvbm5R1-cvbm5R13    cvbm6R1-cvbm6R13    cvbm7R1-cvbm7R13   cvbm8R1-cvbm8R13 cvbm9R1-cvbm9R13   ;

array cv_preby  (9, 13) cvby1R1-cvby1R13    cvby2R1-cvby2R13    cvby3R1-cvby3R13   cvby4R1-cvby4R13
                         cvby5R1-cvby5R13    cvby6R1-cvby6R13    cvby7R1-cvby7R13   cvby8R1-cvby8R13  cvby9R1-cvby9R13;

array cv_premob (9, 13 ) cvmob1R1-cvmob1R13  cvmob2R1-cvmob2R13  cvmob3R1-cvmob3R13 cvmob4R1-cvmob4R13
                         cvmob5R1-cvmob5R13  cvmob6R1-cvmob6R13  cvmob7R1-cvmob7R13 cvmob8R1-cvmob8R13 cvmob9R1-cvmob9R13;

array cv_prestat (9, 13 ) cvstat1R1-cvstat1R13 cvstat2R1-cvstat2R13 cvstat3R1-cvstat3R13 cvstat4R1-cvstat4R13
                          cvstat5R1-cvstat5R13 cvstat6R1-cvstat6R13 cvstat7R1-cvstat7R13 cvstat8R1-cvstat8R13 cvstat9R1-cvstat9R13;

array cv_predm  (9, 13 ) cvdm1R1-cvdm1R13    cvdm2R1-cvdm2R13    cvdm3R1-cvdm3R13   cvdm4R1-cvdm4R13
                         cvdm5R1-cvdm5R13    cvdm6R1-cvdm6R13    cvdm7R1-cvdm7R13   cvdm8R1-cvdm8R13 cvdm9R1-cvdm9R13;

array cv_predy  (9, 13 ) cvdy1R1-cvdy1R13    cvdy2R1-cvdy2R13    cvdy3R1-cvdy3R13   cvdy4R1-cvdy4R13
                         cvdy5R1-cvdy5R13    cvdy6R1-cvdy6R13    cvdy7R1-cvdy7R13   cvdy8R1-cvdy8R13 cvdy9R1-cvdy9R13;

array cv_premod (9, 13 ) cvmod1R1-cvmod1R13  cvmod2R1-cvmod2R13  cvmod3R1-cvmod3R13 cvmod4R1-cvmod4R13
                         cvmod5R1-cvmod5R13  cvmod6R1-cvmod6R13  cvmod7R1-cvmod7R13 cvmod8R1-cvmod8R13 cvmod9R1-cvmod9R13;

         array   dlibm(&n);
         array   dliby(&n);
         array   dlimob(&n);
         array   dlistat(&n);
         array   int_cmr(&n);
         array   dlidm(&n);
         array   dlidy(&n);
         array   dlimod(&n) ;

do i=1 to (&n);
      do t=1 to (&e); /* total 9 loops & 13 rounds in previous round*/
                    if int_cmr(i)>0 then do;
                    dlibm(t)= cv_prebm (t,i);
                    dliby(t)= cv_preby (t,i);
                    dlimob(t)= cv_premob (t,i);
                    dlidm(t)= cv_predm (t,i);
                    dlidy(t)= cv_predy (t,i);
                    dlimod(t)= cv_premod (t,i);
  drop i;
drop t;

do t=1 to (&n);

  if dlibm(t)=.    then dlibm(t)=-4;
  if dliby(t)=.    then dliby(t)=-4.;
  if dlimob(t)=.   then dlimob(t)=-4;

  if dlistat(t)=.  then dlistat(t)=-4;
  if dlidm(t)=.    then dlidm(t)=-4;
  if dlidy(t)=.    then dlidy(t)=-4;
  if dlimod(t)=.   then dlimod(t)=-4;
drop t;

/* first, create a variable indicating the bm(i), birth month, and by(i), birth year,
for each biological child. This part I use variable from roster: BIOADOPT, which is the "clean"
roster for all bio children */

     array bd(&k);
     array bm(&k);
     array by(&k);
     array mob(&k);
     array f1200(&k);
     array f1300m(&k);
     array f1300y(&k);
     array f1300mob(&k);
     array f5600m(&k);
     array f5600y(&k);
     array f5600mob(&k);

/* second, create a continuous month scheme variable for the month of birth of the children
using the formula: (12*(by(i)-1980)+bm(i)) */

do i=1 to(&k);
    if bm(i) > 0 & by(i)>0  then mob(i)=12*(by(i)-1980)+bm(i);
    if f1300m(i) > 0 & f1300y(i)>0 then f1300mob(i)=12*(f1300y(i)-1980)+f1300m(i);
    if f5600m(i) > 0 & f5600y(i)>0 then f5600mob(i)=12*(f5600y(i)-1980)+f5600m(i);
    if -4<bm(i) <0 then  bm(i) =-3;
    if -4<by(i)  <0 then  by(i)  =-3;
    if  bm(i) = -3 | by(i)=-3    then mob(i) =-3;
    if -4<f1300m(i)<0  | -4<f1300y(i)<0 then  f1300mob(i) =-3;
    if  bm(i) = -5 then mob(i)=-5;
    if  f1300mob(i)=. then f1300mob(i)=-4;


do i=1 to(&k);
     do j=1 to (&e);
          if mob(i)>0 & f1300mob(j)>0 then do;
          if mob(i)=  f1300mob(j) | mob(j)=  f1300mob(j) then count1300=1;
do j=1 to (&e);
    if count1300 =0 & f1300mob(j)>0 then checkf1300=1;

/* third, create an actual date variable for the date of death of the youth's children */
array dm(&k);
array dy(&k);
array mod(&k);
array dead(&k);
array reside(&k);
array ADOPTEDOUT(&k);
array ADOPTED(&k);
array f4830(&k);
array bioid(&k);
array f5900(&k);
array f6000m(&k);
array f6000y(&k);
array F1850(&k);
array stat_n(&k);
array biores(&k);
array bionres(&k);
array f1810(&k);
array f1820(&k);
array f8390(&f);
array f15279(&f);

do i=1 to (&k);
    if dm(i)=. then do;

/* fourth, create a continuous month scheme variable for the month of death of the childrenusing the formula: (12*(dody(i)-1980)+dodm(i)) */
do i=1 to (&k);
  if dm(i)=-4 then mod(i)=-4;
  if dm(i) > 0 and dy(i) >= 1980 then mod(i)=12*(dy(i)-1980)+dm(i);
  if -3<=dm(i)<=-1 | -3<=dy(i)<=-1 then do;
   dy(i)=-3;         /* added 12-8-09 */
  if dm(i)=-5 then mod(i)=-5;
do j=1 to (&k);
    do i=1 to (&k);
          if f4830(i)>1300 then do;
          if f4830(i)=bioid(j) | f4830(i)>1300 & bioid(j)>1300 &  F1850(j)=-4  then F1850(j)=f5900(i);

do i=1 to (&k);
  if (F1850(i)=-4 | F1850(i)=.) and mob(i)>-4 then F1850(i)=9999;
do i=1 to (&k) ;
       if  F1850(i)=1 then stat_n(i)=5;
  else if  F1850(i)=2 then stat_n(i)=4;
  else if  F1850(i)=3 then stat_n(i)=1;
  else if  F1850(i)=4 then stat_n(i)=3;
  else if  F1850(i)=5 then stat_n(i)=3;
  else if  F1850(i)=6 then stat_n(i)=5;
  else if  F1850(i)=7 then stat_n(i)=5;
  else if  F1850(i)=8 then stat_n(i)=3;
  else if  F1850(i)=9 then stat_n(i)=2;
  else if  F1850(i)=10 then stat_n(i)=-3;
  else if  F1850(i)=11 then stat_n(i)=3;
  else if  F1850(i)=12 then stat_n(i)=3;
  else if (F1850(i)=9999 | F1850(i)=999) then stat_n(i)=-16;
  else if (F1850(i)=-1 | F1850(i)=-2 | F1850(i)=-3) then stat_n(i)=-3;
  else if  F1850(i)=-4 then stat_n(i)=-4;
  else if  F1850(i)=-5 then stat_n(i)=-5;

/* correct wrong F1850 including those who died and those who were adopted out in previous rounds */
do i=1 to (&k);

       if dm(i)> -4 |  dead(i)=1 then do;

       if stat_n(i) in (-3, -16) and (dlistat(i)=1 | ADOPTEDOUT(i)=1) /*ADOPTEDOUT child add stat_n(i) in (-3,-16)  9-20-2011*/
       then do;
       if stat_n(i)=-16  then do;


do i=1 to (&k);
if ADOPTED(i)=1 then do;
do i=1 to (&k);
      if stat_n(i)=5  & bioid(i) >0 then reside(i)=1;
      else if  (stat_n(i)=3 | stat_n(i)=4 | stat_n(i)=1)  &  bioid(i) >0 then reside(i)=0;
      else if   stat_n(i)=2  then reside(i)=-4;
      else if   F1850(i)=-1 then reside(i)=-3; /* 5-3-07 talked to Rosella*/
      else if   F1850(i)=-2 then reside(i)=0;
      else if   F1850(i)=10 then reside(i)=-3;
      else if   (F1850(i)=9999 | F1850(i)=999) & reside(i)=-4  then reside(i)=-3;    /* added 2-5 -08*/
      else if   (F1850(i)=9999 | F1850(i)=999) & reside(i)=1 then do;
                end;         /* added    1/26/2010 */
      else if   F1850(i)=-4 then reside(i)=-4;    /* added 1-30 -08*/

 do i=1 to (&k);
      if reside(i)=1 & ADOPTED(i) ^= 1 & dead(i) ^= 1 then biores(i)= 1;
      if reside(i)=0 & ADOPTED(i) ^= 1 & dead(i) ne 1 then bionres(i)=1;

/* seventh, the number of children ever born and not residing in the household (tbionres) */

/* fixed reside variables */
/*  calculation of CV_BIO_CHILD_HH and   CV_BIO_CHILD_NR.
In previous Rounds and current Round, we calculate   CV_BIO_CHILD_HH and   CV_BIO_CHILD_NR
based on respondents’ answers to YFER-1850 (for previously existing children) or YFER-5900 (for newlyreported children).
CV_BIO_CHILD_HH=1 If respondents answer category 1, 5, 7, CV_BIO_CHILD_NR=1 if respondents answer 2, 3, 4, 58, 11, 12.

/*1-22-07 Children deleted by Respondent from Roster in survery and also deleted in BIOCHO ROSTER
R's went though question YFER1810=1 and YFER1820=1 so we code 6 as deleted by Respondent and keep
child birthday and let user make decision. if child delete by Respondent in previous rounds and no
/*information in current round in survery and also deleted in BIOCHO ROSTER. We keep all previous information */
/* In Round 12 Delete F1810=1 & F1820=1, Because F1810 & F1820 coded in wrong loop in survey 1-24 Rosella
Frank Bell*/


count=0;      /* The number of child */
countnew=0;  /* The number of new Child */

array equal(&k) ;
    do i=1 to (&k);
      equal {i}=-4;

do i=1 to (&k);
    if f1810(i)=1 | f1820(i)=1 then delete=1;  /* delete at current round */
    if dlistat(i)=6 & F103B>=0 then  dlidelete= dlidelete +1;   /* delete at previous rounds */
    if delete=1 & dlidelete=1 then delete=0;
    if bioid(i)>1400  &  ADOPTED(i)~=1  then countnew =countnew+1; /* The number of new child*/
    if mob(i)>-4 then count=count+1;  /* The number of children at current round */
    if dlimob(i)>-4 then countdli=countdli+1;   /* The number of children at last rounds */
    if count<countdli & countnew=0 then checkcount=1;   /* no new child at current round */
    if countdli>=1 & count<=countdli & countnew>0 then checkcount=2; /* new child at current round */
    if countdli>=1 & count>countdli  & countnew>0 & count<countdli+countnew then checkcount=3;
M= max (of countdli count) + countnew;
if checkcount=3 then M= min (of countdli count) + countnew;/* previous child, But reenter as new Child at Round 14 */

if pubid in (4097) then do;

 if pubid in (8570  1206) then  checkcount=2;

if delete=1 then do;  /*loop one*/      /* for all current round delete cases*/
  if checkcount=1 & countdli>0 then do; /*Loop two 2A */  /* current round delete cases no new Children */
     if  count=0 then do; /*loop 3 */
            do i=1 to countdli;
             bm(i)= dlibm(i);
             by(i)=  dliby(i);
             mob(i)= dlimob(i);
             if dlimob(i)>-4 then stat_n(i)=6;
     end; /* end of loop 3 */
     if count>0 then do; /*loop 3 */  /* current round delete cases */
      do i=1 to countdli;
      do j=1 to countdli;

  if  mob(i)=dlimob(j) &  dlimob(j)>-4 then equal(j)=1 ;
       if equal(j) ^=1 & mob(i)=-4 then do;
       bm(i)= dlibm(j);
       by(i)=  dliby(j);
       equal(j) =1 ;
       stat_n(i)= 6;
 end;     /* end of loop 3 */
end; /* end of loop 2A*/

/* current delete case with new children  */
    if  checkcount=2 & count>0 & countnew>0 then do;     /* loop 3 */
     do i=1 to M;  /* loop4 */
       do j=1 to countdli;
          if mob(i)>-4 & mob(i)=dlimob(j) then equal(j)=1;
            if equal(j) ^=1 & bioid(j)>0 &  mob(i)=-4   then do;
               bm(i)= dlibm(j);
               by(i)=  dliby(j);
               equal(j) =1;
               stat_n(i)= 6;
      end;     /* end of loop 4 */
    end;  /* end of loop 3 */
  end ; /* end of loop 2B*/
end; /* end of loop 1 */

%let cd=countdli;
%let cn=countnew;
  if  checkcount =3  then do;     /* loop 3 */
   do i=1 to &cd;
     if mob(i+&cn) =-4 & dlimob(i)>-4 then do;
        mob(i+&cn) = dlimob(i);
        bm(i+&cn)= dlibm(i);
        by(i+&cn)=  dliby(i);
        stat_n(i+&cn)= 6;

/* For previous round delete case */
if dlidelete>0 & delete ^=1 then do;/* loop 1 */
   if checkcount=1  then do ;/* Loop 2*/
    if count=0 then do;  /* loop3 */

    do i=1 to countdli;
       bm(i)= dlibm(i);
       by(i)=  dliby(i);
       stat_n(i)= dlistat(i);
 end;    /* end of loop 3 */

 if count>0  then do;     /* loop 3 */
 do i=1 to countdli;
    do j=1 to countdli;
        if  mob(i)=dlimob(j) & dlimob(j)>-4 then equal(j)=1;
          if equal(j) ^=1 & mob(i)=-4 then do;
             bm(i)= dlibm(j);
             by(i)=  dliby(j);
             stat_n(i)= 6;
  end;  /* end of loop 3 */
 end;  /* end of loop 2 */
end; /* end of loop 1 */

 /* DLI delete cases &  new child at current round */
 if dlidelete>0 & delete ^=1 then do;/* loop 1 */
   if  checkcount>=2 & count>0  then do;
      do i=1 to M;
        do j=1 to countdli;
           if mob(i)>-4 & mob(i)=dlimob(j) then equal(j)=1;
             if equal(j) ^=1 & dlimob(j)>-4 &  mob(i)=-4  then do;
                bm(i)= dlibm(j);
                by(i)=  dliby(j);
                stat_n(i)= 6;
                equal(j) =1    ;
     do i=1 to 9;
        if equal(i)>0 then tequal=equal(i)+1;
 if checkcount>=2 & count>0 & tequal=0  then do;
  do i=1 to M;
     do j=1 to M;
       if  mob(i)=-4 & dlimob(i)>0 then do;
           bm(i)= dlibm(i);
           by(i) = dliby(i);
           stat_n(i)= 6;
 end;  /* end of loop 1*/

 do i=1 to 9;
    if dlistat(i)=2 then D=1 ;
 /* This is only for round 14. 12 Deceased Children at round 13 were not list at  Biochild Roster */

 do i=1 to M;
       do j=1 to countdli;
       if flagdeath =0 & dlimod(j)>-4 then do;
       if mob(i)=dlimob(j)   then equal(j)=1 ;
      else if equal(i) ^=1 & mob(i)=-4 then do;
      bm(i)= dlibm(j);
      by(i)= dliby(j);
      dm(i)= dlidm(j);
      dy(i)= dlidy(j);
      stat_n(i)= 2;

 tbiores  = SUM(of biores1 -biores9);
 tbionres = SUM(of bionres1-bionres9);
 do i=1 to (&k);
   if -4<reside(i)<0 & ADOPTED(i) ^= 1 & dead(i) ^= 1 then do;

 do i=1 to (&k);
   if mob(i)>-4 then outmob= outmob+1;
   if outmob < 1 then do;

 /* Last, sort created variables by birthdays, so that the first child listed is the oldest child. */

  array smob(&k);
  array smod(&k);

  do j=1 to (&k);

 do j=1 to (&k);
    if smob(j)=-4  then smob(j)=1100;
    if smob(j)=-3  then smob(j)=999;
    if smod(j)=-4  then smod(j)=1100;
    if smod(j)=-3  then smod(j)=999;

    call sortn(of smob1-smob9);
    call sortn(of smod1-smod9);
    do j=1 to 9;
     if  smob(j)=1100 then smob(j)=-4;
     if  smob(j)=999  then smob(j)=-3;
     if  smod(j)=1100 then smod(j)=-4;
     if  smod(j)=999  then smod(j)=-3;

 array CV10bm(&k);
 array CV10by(&k);
 array CV10mob(&k);
 array CV10dm(&k);
 array CV10dy(&k);
 array CV10mod(&k);
 array CV10stat(&k);
 array CV10bioid(&k);  /* add 11-29-09*/

 question1=0;    /* twins */
 question2=0;   /* two children two of them Deceased */
 question3=0;   /* twins only one of them Deceased */
 question4=0;  /* twins, but other Child Deceased */

 do j=1 to 8;
 if mob(j)=mob(j+1) &  mob(j) >-4 then question1=1;

 if mod(j)=mod(j+1) &  mod(j+1) >-4 then question2=1;
 if question1=1 & question2=0 & mod(j)>-4 then question3=1;

 /* twins, but other Child Deceased */
 if question1=1 & question3=1 then do;
 do i=1 to 8;
  do j=1 to 8;
    if mod(j)>-4 & mob(j)>-4 then do;
    if mob(i)= mob(i+1) &  mob(i+1)>-4 &  mob(j) ~= mob(i+1) then  question4=1;
    if  question3=1 & question4=1 then question3=0;
 do i=1 to(&k);
   do j=1 to (&k);
     if smob(j)= mob(i) then do;
        if  question3=0 then do;
        CV10bm(j) = bm(i);
        CV10by(j) = by(i);
        CV10mob(j)= mob(i);
         CV10stat(j)= stat_n(i);
         CV10dm(j) = dm(i);
        CV10dy(j) = dy(i);
        CV10mod(j)= mod(i);

 if question3=1 & question4=0  then do;  /* twins only one of them  Deceased */

 do i=1 to (&k);
   do j=1 to (&k);
     if smob(j)= mob(i) then do;
        CV10bm(j) = bm(i);
        CV10by(j) = by(i);
        CV10mob(j)= mob(i);
         CV10stat(j)= stat_n(j);
         CV10dm(j) = dm(j);
        CV10dy(j) = dy(j);
        CV10mod(j)= mod(j);

 do j=1 to (&k);
  if F103B<0 then do;
        CV10dm(j) = -5;
        CV10dy(j) = -5;
        CV10mod(j)= -5;
         CV10bm(j)=-5 ;
        CV10by(j)=-5 ;
        tbiores =-5;

 /*  Created CVC_TTL_BIO_CHILD  */
 %let n=13;

          array   tbioresR(&n);
          array   tbionresR(&n);

 do i=1 to (&n);

          if int_cmr(i)>0 then do;
          dlitbiores= tbioresR(i);
 if tbiores=-5 then do;

 if tbiores>-5 then do;

 if   cvc_tbiores>=0 | cvc_tbionres>=0  then CVC_TTL_BIO_CHILD = cvc_tbiores + cvc_tbionres;
 if   cvc_tbiores=-3 | cvc_tbionres=-3  then CVC_TTL_BIO_CHILD=-3;
 if   cvc_tbiores=-4 & cvc_tbionres=-4  then CVC_TTL_BIO_CHILD=-4;