Program Participation

Program Participation

Mature Women Program Participation Variables

Data on public assistance income sources were collected during all survey years except 1968; sources generally included public assistance/welfare, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and public housing. Users should be aware that not only is there considerable variation across years in the types of public assistance income sources for which data were collected but also that universes (all family members, any family member, respondent and spouse, respondent only, spouse only), reporting periods (past calendar year, previous 12 months, most recent month), and question wording can differ substantially from year to year. Table MW1 outlines these variations.

Beginning in 1982, data were collected on the number of months in the past year the respondent or husband/partner received each type of assistance. In 1982 and 1987-2003, respondents also reported the monthly average welfare (AFDC) income and monthly average SSI income they received. Monthly average variables are available for welfare/public assistance in 1979, 1981, 1984, and 1986.

Table MW1. Public Assistance Questions by Survey Year, Type of Assistance, Reference Period & Universe

Survey Year Type of Assistance  Reference Period  Universe
AFDC / TANF Welfare /
Public Asst.00
Food Stamps SSI / Public
Public Housing
1967 R00468.00 R00469.00 R00472.00 -- -- Past Calendar Year Family Members
1969 R01099.00 R01100.00 R01102.00 -- -- Past Calendar Year Family Members
1971 R01776.00 R01777.00 R01779.00 -- -- Past Calendar Year Family Members
1972 R02601.00 R02602.00 R02604.00 -- -- Past Calendar Year Family Members
1974 -- R03037.00 -- -- -- Previous 12 Months Family Members
1976 -- R03247.00 R03254.00 -- -- Previous 12 Months Family Members
1977 -- R04121.00 R04123.00 R04114.00 -- Past Calendar Year Family Members
1979 -- R04793.00 R04789.00 -- -- Previous 12 Months R/Husband
1981 -- R05132.00 R05129.00 -- -- Previous 12 Months R/Husband
1982 R06326.00 -- R06323.00 R06329.00 R06212.00 Past Calendar Year R/Husband
1984 -- R07076.00 R07073.00 -- -- Previous 12 Months R/Husband
1986 -- R07637.00 R07634.00 -- -- Previous 12 Months R/Husband
1987 R08657.00 -- R08654.00 R08660.00 R08543.00 Past Calendar Year R/Husband/Partner
1989 R09766.00 -- R09763.00 R09769.00 R09631.00 Past Calendar Year R/Husband/Partner
1992 R10692.00 -- R10689.00 R10695.00 -- Previous 12 Months R/Husband/Partner
1995 R33968.00-R33970.00 -- R33965.00-R33967.00 R33971.00-R33973.00 R33822.00 Previous 12 Months R/Husband/Partner
1997 R41618.00-R41620.00 -- R41615.00-R41617.00 R41621.00-R41623.00 R41472.00 Previous 12 Months R/Husband/Partner
1999 R51207.00-R51209.00 -- R51204.00-R51206.00 R51210.00-R51212.00 R51054.00 Previous 12 Months R/Husband/Partner
2001 R62130.00-R62132.00 -- R62127.00-R62129.00 R62133.00-R62135.00 R61986.00 Previous 12 Months R/Husband/Partner
2003 R73210.00-R73212.00 -- R73207.00-R73209.00 R73213.00-R73215.00 R73060.00 Previous 12 Months R/Husband/Partner

Survey Instruments: The "Assets and Income" or "Income" sections of the questionnaires contain the questions on public assistance income sources.

User Notes

NLS interviews also collect data on Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Disability, and Social Security; none of these sources of income are considered here as part of "public assistance." The Social Security & Disability section of this guide describes some of these additional income sources.