NLS Youth '97 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1997 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1980-84
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NLS Youth 1997
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1997
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Household Income - Appendix 5

Variables Created


This program creates the total family income variables. The total family income variable (coded as groshhIY in the programming code) includes total annual cash receipts before taxes from all sources. The program then creates a ratio comparing the family's total income to federal poverty thresholds based on the number of household residents and the number of members under age 18.

Over 20 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

These variables were last created in round 12. The round 20 assets section was discontinued after that round as NLSY97 respondents had aged out of the section.

Over 30 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

Variables Created

Over 25 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

Variables Created

  • CVC_HH_NET_WORTH_25 (total net worth)
  • CVC_HOUSE_VALUE_25 (value of owned housing)
  • CVC_HOUSE_DEBT_25 (amount of housing debt)
  • CVC_HOUSE_TYPE_25 (type of housing owned)
  • CVC_ASSETS_FINANCE_25 (value of financial assets)
  • CVC_ASSETS_NONFINANCE_25 (value of non-financial assets, excluding housing)
  • CVC_ASSETS_DEBT_25 (amount of debt, excluding housing)
  • CVC_ASSETS_RND_25 (round in which assets data were collected)

Errata for NLSY97 Round 3 Release

Due to its size, the errata list for the NLSY97 Round 3 release is provided in PDF form. Click here to download.

Errata for NLSY97 Round 4 Release

Data Release 4.2. Corrections and Changes to the NLSY97 Data Release 4.2 of the data.

Errata for NLSY97 Round 5 Release

R5 Errata affecting the August 2003 Release: Round 5 Schooling Created Variables

Errata for NLSY97 Round 6 Release

Significant changes made to the October 2004 Round 6 event history release 

1) Respondent race variable
The code block for the round 6 respondent race variable SYMBOL!KEY!RACE (S15284.00) is incorrect. The correct code block and frequencies for this variable are listed below.

Errata for NLSY97 Round 7 Release

Significant changes made between the round 6 event history release and the round 7 main release

Errata for NLSY97 Round 8 Release

Significant changes made between the October 2005 round 7 event history file release and the October 2006 round 8 file release


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