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Title: The Feminization of Poverty
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1. Kniesner, Thomas J.
The Feminization of Poverty
Social Science 7,1 (Spring 1986): 6-10
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: Pi Gamma Mu - the National Social Science Honor Society
Keyword(s): Children; Divorce; Poverty; Racial Differences; Women

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(Author's Note: With assistance from Charles Hunter)

During the 1970s, females in the United States made up an increasing share of the poor population. Analysis of data collected between 1967 and 1982 by the NLS of Young Women shows that most females enter poverty after divorce or after bearing an illegitimate child. However, there are also important racial differences in both entry into and exit from poverty.

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Kniesner, Thomas J. "The Feminization of Poverty." Social Science 7,1 (Spring 1986): 6-10.