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Title: The Dynamics of Women's Job Mobility
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1. Felmlee, Diane Helen
The Dynamics of Women's Job Mobility
Work and Occupations 11,3 (August 1984): 259-281.
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: Sage Publications
Keyword(s): Children; Husbands, Income; Marital Status; Mobility; Mobility, Job; Part-Time Work; Socioeconomic Status (SES); Wages

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The job mobility of young white women is examined, using a continuous-time stochastic model. Analysis of NLS data on Young Women indicates that rates of women's job transitions within full-time employment are decreased by job rewards, socioeconomic status, and wages, and increased by IQ and age. A woman's education, however, does not have significant effects. The family constraints of being married and husband's income limit mobility. Shifts in and out of part-time employment are also common, and wages and young children are found to be significant factors in influencing changes to part-time jobs. Comparisons are made with previous findings for men.
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Felmlee, Diane Helen. "The Dynamics of Women's Job Mobility." Work and Occupations 11,3 (August 1984): 259-281.