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Title: Health and Youth Employment
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1. Passmore, David L.
Ay, Unal
Rockel, Sheryl
Wade, Barbara
Health and Youth Employment
Applied Economics 15,6 (December 1983): 715-729.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Keyword(s): Duncan Index; Earnings; Employment; Ethnic Groups/Ethnicity; Health Factors; High School Completion/Graduates; Hispanics; Language Problems; Marital Status; Schooling

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The employment of 6.4 percent of United States teenagers and young adults is limited by their health. These young people are less likely to have jobs than youths without health problems. Also, they work fewer hours per week than the youth average, although they earn as much per hour as youth without health limitations. Differences in satisfaction and prestige which youths enjoy from their jobs are not related to the presence of health conditions. Youths who reported health conditions lasting their entire lives are more likely to have jobs than young people recently acquiring their conditions. These relationships are derived from analyses of responses of 11,412 civilian noninstitutionalized youths to the l979 NLSY.
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Passmore, David L., Unal Ay, Sheryl Rockel and Barbara Wade. "Health and Youth Employment." Applied Economics 15,6 (December 1983): 715-729.