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Title: Does Your Home Make You Wealthy?
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1. Killewald, Alexandra
Bryan, Brielle
Does Your Home Make You Wealthy?
Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 2,6 (October 2016): 110-128.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation
Keyword(s): Ethnic Differences; Home Ownership; Modeling, Marginal Structural; Racial Differences; Wealth

Estimating the lifetime wealth consequences of homeownership is complicated by ongoing events, such as divorce or inheritance, that may shape both homeownership decisions and later-life wealth. We argue that prior research that has not accounted for these dynamic selection processes has overstated the causal effect of homeownership on wealth. Using NLSY79 data and marginal structural models, we find that each additional year of homeownership increases midlife wealth in 2008 by about $6,800, more than 25 percent less than estimates from models that do not account for dynamic selection. Hispanic and African American wealth benefits from each homeownership year are 62 percent and 48 percent as large as those of whites, respectively. Homeownership remains wealth-enhancing in 2012, but shows smaller returns. Our results confirm homeownership's role in wealth accumulation and that variation in both homeownership rates and the wealth benefits of homeownership contribute to racial and ethnic disparities in midlife wealth holdings.
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Killewald, Alexandra and Brielle Bryan. "Does Your Home Make You Wealthy?" Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 2,6 (October 2016): 110-128.