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Title: Do Women Prefer Women's Work?
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1. Reed, W. Robert
Dahlquist, Julie D.
Do Women Prefer Women's Work?
Applied Economics 26,12 (December 1994): 1133-1144.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Keyword(s): Gender Differences; Labor Market Demographics; Occupational Segregation; Occupations, Female; Work Histories

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A new methodology is implemented to determine whether job characteristics can explain why women are concentrated in low-paying, female-dominated occupations. Extensive information on jobs and labour market histories are collected from the 1982 National Longitudinal Survey, Youth Cohort, for women and men characterized by substantial labour market attachment. Significant differences in nonpecuniary job characteristics between the male and female samples are found to exist. Nevertheless, we find no evidence that women differentially favour those job characteristics commonly associated with 'women's work'.
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Reed, W. Robert and Julie D. Dahlquist. "Do Women Prefer Women's Work?" Applied Economics 26,12 (December 1994): 1133-1144.