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Title: Complementarity of Work and Fertility Among Young American Mothers
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1. Mott, Frank L.
Shapiro, David
Complementarity of Work and Fertility Among Young American Mothers
Population Studies 37,2 (July 1983): 239-252
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: Population Investigation Committee
Keyword(s): Childbearing, Adolescent; Children; Employment; Fertility; Life Cycle Research; Mothers

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This research uses data from the Young Women's cohort of the NLS to examine the extent to which women maintain a continuity of work attachment during their early childbearing years, the years when they traditionally were most likely to withdraw from the work force. The results indicate that women who maintain closer ties to the work force immediately before and after their first birth are also more likely to be employed in l978--between five and ten years after the first birth-- independent of intervening fertility events and other labor supply factors considered to be important predictors of work. The research supports the notion that work and fertility are increasingly becoming complementary activities for American women.
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Mott, Frank L. and David Shapiro. "Complementarity of Work and Fertility Among Young American Mothers." Population Studies 37,2 (July 1983): 239-252.