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Title: Causes and Consequences of Layoffs
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1. Blau, Francine D.
Kahn, Lawrence M.
Causes and Consequences of Layoffs
Economic Inquiry 19,2 (April 1981): 270-296.
Cohort(s): Young Men, Young Women
Publisher: Western Economic Association International
Keyword(s): Job Turnover; Layoffs; Modeling, Probit; Unemployment

Using probit analysis, this article finds that differential treatment accounts for a substantial portion of the higher layoff rates of blacks in comparison to whites. However, women are found to be considerably less prone to layoffs than men with similar characteristics. Among those who obtained subsequent employment (taking into account the possible selectivity bias in such a subsample), white males are hurt more by layoffs than black males in terms of both short-term and long-term earnings growth; women's earnings are not necessarily affected by layoff at all. However, whites and males are found to be more likely to be reemployed than blacks and females, respectively.
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Blau, Francine D. and Lawrence M. Kahn. "Causes and Consequences of Layoffs." Economic Inquiry 19,2 (April 1981): 270-296.