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Source: Vocational Guidance Quarterly
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1. Brito, Patricia K.
Jusenius, Carol L.
A Note on Young Women's Occupational Expectations for Age 35
Vocational Guidance Quarterly (1980)
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: American Counseling Association
Keyword(s): College Graduates; Occupational Aspirations; Occupations, Female; Occupations, Male; Vocational Guidance

This analysis examines women's occupational preferences for age 35. Only a quarter of college educated women and less than 20 per cent of non-college women preferred typically male occupations. The results also show that the number and types of occupations, regardless of sex-typing, to which young women aspire are limited. Furthermore, occupational projections show that demand-supply relationship for workers in many of their preferred occupations, both male and female, are to be unfavorable. Thus, if women are to choose male-dominated occupations, public policy directed at reducing demand-side barriers is not enough. It will also be necessary to broaden young women's awareness of the range of jobs available and of the employment prospects in occupations they are considering.
Bibliography Citation
Brito, Patricia K. and Carol L. Jusenius. "A Note on Young Women's Occupational Expectations for Age 35." Vocational Guidance Quarterly (1980).