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Source: Pacific Sociological Review
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1. Lyon, Larry
Abell, Troy
Social Mobility among Young Black and White Men: A Longitudinal Study of Occupational Prestige and Income
Pacific Sociological Review 22,2 (April 1979): 201-222
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: Pacific Sociological Association
Keyword(s): Discrimination, Racial/Ethnic; Income; Mobility; Mobility, Occupational; Occupational Prestige; Racial Differences

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The goal of much research in occupations has been to establish the determinants of occupational prestige. The NLS of Young Men provide data for the construction of causal models for black and white workers. These data were generated from four groups surveyed from 1966 to 1971. Subsamples of whites and of blacks were derived. The data allow several methodological variations from previous occupational mobility research, including longitudinal design, less reliance on retrospective techniques, and a more precise time-frame. The annual models indicate that beyond years of education, very few variables available to most surveys have a statistically significant effect on variation in occupational prestige and income. Also, these longitudinal surveys show a growing racial gap in occupational rewards. Much of the increase in black versus white reward increase is found to be related to labor market racial discrimination in advancement rather than to different levels of family background and labor market entry. Policy implications may be drawn based on the importance of education and racial discrimination in occupational mobility.
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Lyon, Larry and Troy Abell. "Social Mobility among Young Black and White Men: A Longitudinal Study of Occupational Prestige and Income." Pacific Sociological Review 22,2 (April 1979): 201-222.