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Source: Oklahoma Current Farm Economics
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1. Knutson, Marlys
Schreiner, Dean
Income Returns for Working Women by Place of Residence
Oklahoma Current Farm Economics 48 (October 1975): 39-49
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Oklahoma State University
Keyword(s): Earnings; Educational Attainment; Employment; Marital Status; Occupations; Residence

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This study is primarily concerned with the role of place of residence in determining income returns for working women in the 30-44 year age range. This age group is especially important because of the problem of reentry to the labor market after the children are grown or in school. The statistical analysis of the yearly income in l966 of the women surveyed who were at work in that year to explain the variance appearing in the unadjusted data by place of residence allows the following conclusions to be made: (1) the return to yearly income of an additional hour worked was $0.15 to $0.20; (2) white women received a slightly larger income than nonwhite women because of either lower wages or lower skill positions within an occupational or industrial grouping or both; (3) marital status can be judged to have only a slight influence on income after corrections are made for hours worked, occupation, industry, education, race, and residence; (4) the woman who invests in a higher educational level will, in general, receive better positions within any occupation or industry category and will be compensated accordingly; (5) occupational or industrial groupings contribute much to the large variations in annual income of the working women surveyed; and (6) the results of the income differential model imply that a woman living in an SMSA area earns more than the woman in a non-SMSA-nonfarm area, all other factors held constant.
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Knutson, Marlys and Dean Schreiner. "Income Returns for Working Women by Place of Residence." Oklahoma Current Farm Economics 48 (October 1975): 39-49.