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Source: Medical Care
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1. Chirikos, Thomas N.
Nestel, Gilbert
Work Capacity of Older Men and Age-Eligibility for Medicare Benefits
Medical Care 26,9 (September 1988): 867-881
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keyword(s): Disabled Workers; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Labor Force Participation; Racial Differences; Social Security; Work Attachment

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This paper analyzes the durations of work capability of men using data from the NLS of Older Men on approximately 3,500 white and 1,400 black men who were age 45 to 59 in 1966. An event-history framework technique was used to estimate a six-state health-event model. Projections of adjusted prevalence rates indicate that 40 percent of the total cohort of white men at age 60 can expect to be capable of work at age 67, and about 54 percent of those who survive until age 67 will be capable of work. Similar simulations for black men reveal that of those who survive until age 67, 41 percent will be functionally capable at that age. In recent years, successive cohorts have experienced lower average impairment levels. Economic welfare, which will probably improve over time, should increase the capacity of men to remain working in their sixties. These results suggest that serious consideration could be given to advancing the age of eligibility for Medicare benefits. An appendix contains detailed equations and statistical data. [AgeLine]
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Chirikos, Thomas N. and Gilbert Nestel. "Work Capacity of Older Men and Age-Eligibility for Medicare Benefits." Medical Care 26,9 (September 1988): 867-881.