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Source: Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies
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1. Kingson, Eric R.
Involuntary Early Retirement
Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies 6 (Autumn 1981): 27-39
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Institute for Socioeconomic Studies
Keyword(s): Benefits, Disability; Disabled Workers; Early Retirement; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Retirement/Retirement Planning; Social Security; Unemployment

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The author suggests that the early retirement phenomenon is actually composed of two trends, one voluntary and the other involuntary. He suggests that chronic unemployment in the American economy may be viewed as the major reason for widespread early voluntary retirement and suggests that most early retirements are involuntary. If policy proposals to raise the Social Security retirement age and cut back on early retirement benefits are enacted that do not reflect these aspects of the early retirement phenomenon, he suggests that Social Security costs will be lowered at the expense of some of the most vulnerable future recipients-partially disabled older workers who are not competitive in a high unemployment economy.
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Kingson, Eric R. "Involuntary Early Retirement." Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies 6 (Autumn 1981): 27-39.