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Source: Journal of Private Enterprise
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1. Fredland, John Eric
Little, Roger D.
Psychic Income and Self Employment
Journal of Private Enterprise 1,1 (Fall 1985): 121-127
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Association of Private Enterprise Education
Keyword(s): Job Satisfaction; Retirement/Retirement Planning; Self-Employed Workers; Work Attitudes

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This paper reports on preliminary longitudinal empirical research on the characteristics of self-employed workers using the Older Men's cohort for 1966 to 1971. The self-employed, with greater human capital on average, work longer hours for the same income, while reporting equal or better job attitude, greater job commitment, and less immediate retirement plans. Those who have recently become self-employed do not appear to be better off in terms of income, but their reported job attitude and commitment show marked improvement and they postpone their retirement plans. Thus, there is a strong suggestion that their switch to a self-employed status was accompanied by the accrual of a measure of "psychic" income.
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Fredland, John Eric and Roger D. Little. "Psychic Income and Self Employment." Journal of Private Enterprise 1,1 (Fall 1985): 121-127.