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Source: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
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1. Robinson, James C.
Worker Responses to Workplace Hazards
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 12,4 (Winter 1987): 665-682
Cohort(s): Young Men, Young Women
Publisher: Duke University Press
Keyword(s): Health Reform; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Job Hazards; Job Satisfaction; Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID); Quality of Employment Survey (QES); Work Attitudes

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This paper presents an analysis of individual and collective worker responses to job hazards in the United States, based on data from: the Quality of Employment Survey (1977), the NLS of Young Men (1978), the NLS of Young Women (1980), injury rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and quits and strike probabilities from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. Results indicate that the levels of expressed dissatisfaction, discharges for cause, and strike frequencies are significantly higher in hazardous jobs than in safe jobs. Individual quit strategies, however, are not consistently associated with higher hazard levels. Implications for the design of future information-oriented health and safety policies are discussed. [Sociological Abstracts, Inc.]
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Robinson, James C. "Worker Responses to Workplace Hazards." Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 12,4 (Winter 1987): 665-682.