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Source: Journal of Economics
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1. Seeborg, Michael C.
Effects of Marriage and Divorce on the Poverty States of Young Adults
Journal of Economics 22,2 (1996): 89-96
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: College of Business Administration, University of Northern Iowa
Keyword(s): Divorce; Economics of Discrimination; Economics of Gender; Economics of Minorities; Labor Market Demographics; Marital Status; Marriage; Modeling, Logit; Poverty

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The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data base is used to explore the effects of marital decisions on the current poverty status of a sample of young adults who experienced poverty as youth. Logit analysis indicates that marital status is an important determinant of poverty for this sample. The results support three general conclusions: married men and women have a much lower likelihood of being poor in comparison to unmarried men and women; divorce is a significant determinant of poverty for both men and women; and, women are affected much more adversely by divorce or never having been married than are men.
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Seeborg, Michael C. "Effects of Marriage and Divorce on the Poverty States of Young Adults." Journal of Economics 22,2 (1996): 89-96.