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Source: Journal of Contemporary Business (1972-1982) discontinued
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1. Polachek, Solomon W.
Occupational Segregation: An Alternative Hypothesis
Journal of Contemporary Business (Winter 1976): 1-12
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Periodicals Service Company and Schmidt Periodicals GmbH
Keyword(s): Career Patterns; Discrimination, Job; Discrimination, Sex; Educational Attainment; Occupational Segregation; Occupations, Female; Skill Depreciation

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This study focuses on the occupational position of women, posing a theory based on supply differences within the labor market. The author claims that forces besides those of market discrimination in part account for differences in occupational distribution. Females out of the labor force for extended periods of time tend to have menial occupations whereas females with little time out of the labor force tend to have professional and managerial jobs. Corroborative evidence is presented, which indicates that sex differences begin within the educational system. Most importantly, governmental policy implications are also presented.
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Polachek, Solomon W. "Occupational Segregation: An Alternative Hypothesis." Journal of Contemporary Business (Winter 1976): 1-12.