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Source: Journal of Children and Poverty
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1. Georges, Annie
The GED Certificate and the Poverty Status of Adult Women
Journal of Children and Poverty 7,1 (March 2001): 49-61.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Carfax Publishing Company ==> Taylor & Francis
Keyword(s): GED/General Educational Diploma/General Equivalency Degree/General Educational Development; High School Completion/Graduates; High School Dropouts; Poverty; Women; Women's Education

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Are women who hold a General Educational Development (GED) certificate less likely to ever be in poverty? Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, this study examines the probability of entering poverty for women. If a woman is already poor, the study also examines the probability of exiting poverty. The analysis differentiates between high school dropouts, GED certificate holders, & high school graduates, & it is restricted to the first entry into poverty & the first exit out of poverty. In general, the results show that the GED certificate may be an economically beneficial route for women to achieve short-term earnings growth & remain out of poverty, as compared to dropping out of high school. The analysis shows that women with a GED certificate have a significantly higher probability of entry into poverty than high school graduates. However, a GED certificate increases the probability that a woman will exit poverty, compared to high school dropouts. This finding differs from other studies about the economic impact of the GED certificate. 2 Tables, 29 References. Adapted from the source document
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Georges, Annie. "The GED Certificate and the Poverty Status of Adult Women." Journal of Children and Poverty 7,1 (March 2001): 49-61.