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Source: GAO - General Accounting Office
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1. Leigh, Duane E.
What Kinds of Training 'Work' for Noncollege Bound Youth?
Report for the General Accounting Office, 1989
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: General Accounting Office (GAO) (pre July 2004)
Keyword(s): Apprenticeships; College Education; Gender Differences; Job Training; Private Sector; Racial Differences; Schooling; Schooling, Post-secondary; Training; Training, Post-School

This report investigates the role that private sector postsecondary training institutions (other than the federal government and military) can play in closing the "skills gap" between employment opportunities and a changing workforce that is predicted to occur as the U.S. moves into the 21st century. The first section of the report reviews previous research on post school training conducted on the five NLS cohorts. Section two utilizes data from the NLSY to examine differential access to job training opportunities and the impact of particular types of formal training on wages and annual earnings. Results of the various analyses indicate that: (1) women are less likely than men to gain access to apprenticeship programs, more likely to participate in proprietary school training programs, and no less likely than men to be engaged in company-sponsored training; (2) high school completion significantly increased the likelihood of participation in postschool training; and (3) company-sponsored training had a strong positive impact on wages and annual earnings both for the sample as a whole and for workers disaggregated by race and ethnicity.
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Leigh, Duane E. "What Kinds of Training 'Work' for Noncollege Bound Youth?" Report for the General Accounting Office, 1989.