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Source: Futurist, The
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1. Cetron, Marvin J.
Davies, Owen
Trends Now Shaping the Future
Futurist 39,3 (May-June 2005): 37-51
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: World Future Society
Keyword(s): Job Analysis; Job Patterns; Job Turnover

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Discusses trends in the future of science and technology around the world. Impact of new technologies on U.S. job creation from 2002 to 2004; Increase in the total U.S. federal outlays on research and development; Advantage of the advances in transportation technology to travel and shipping; Role of genetic research in accelerating advances in medicine and in the growth of medical knowledge. NLSY79 data are used for the table "Job Hoppers in the United States", page 9. "Educated women are the most-frequent job hoppers in their youth but among the least frequent as they mature."
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Cetron, Marvin J. and Owen Davies. "Trends Now Shaping the Future." Futurist 39,3 (May-June 2005): 37-51.