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Source: European Sociological Review
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1. Hakim, Catherine
Labour Mobility and Employment Stability: Rhetoric and Reality on the Sex Differential in Labour-Market Behaviour
European Sociological Review 12,1 (May 1996): 1-31.
Cohort(s): Mature Women, NLSY79, Young Women
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Keyword(s): Employment, Part-Time; Gender Differences; Housework/Housewives; Job Tenure; Labor Force Participation; Labor Market Surveys; Labor Turnover; Mobility; Mobility, Labor Market; Mobility, Occupational; Sexual Division of Labor; Unions; Work Histories

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National survey data for GB & other industrial societies are drawn on to evaluate claims that sex differentials in labor mobility & employment stability have disappeared with rising female (F) labor-force participation. Results for GB show a continuing sex differential of 50% in the standard measures of labor turnover & job tenure; these are typical of the European Community & other industrial societies. Further, such sex differentials are dramatically increased when the focus changes to movement in & out of the labor force instead of attachment to a particular employer: Fs are 2-4 times more likely than men to enter & exit the workforce in a given period. Work histories display even more fundamental sex differences, & show that discontinuous employment has been replacing continuous employment & the homemaker career among Fs. The methodological implications for the analyses of cross-sectional & longitudinal data, & the substantive & theoretical implications for understanding F employment, are addressed. It is concluded that qualitative divisions within the F workforce can no longer be ignored, as they impact on occupational grade, earnings, & life chances, & can distort cross-national comparisons. 15 Tables, 2 Figures, 128 References. Adapted from the source document. (Copyright 1996, Sociological Abstracts, Inc., all rights reserved.)
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Hakim, Catherine. "Labour Mobility and Employment Stability: Rhetoric and Reality on the Sex Differential in Labour-Market Behaviour." European Sociological Review 12,1 (May 1996): 1-31.