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1. Olson, Lawrence Smedley
Dropping Out Can Pay: A Study of Private Vocational Schooling
Mimeo, Data Resources, Inc., 1977
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: Data Resources, Inc.
Keyword(s): Earnings; Job Training; Mobility; Private Schools; Vocational Education

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Evidence from a new, national study of private vocational schooling and its effects on the wage rates of young men shows that (1) private vocational schooling can permanently raise wages, but the longer a student attends vocational school the smaller is his subsequent wage increase. In fact, persons who take long programs may earn less than if they had received no training. (2) For most students, length of schooling, and not whether they complete programs, primarily determines the wages they receive. In other words, short programs are preferable to long programs, but government policy may be encouraging students to sign up for long vocational programs from which they subsequently drop out.
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Olson, Lawrence Smedley. "Dropping Out Can Pay: A Study of Private Vocational Schooling." Mimeo, Data Resources, Inc., 1977.