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Source: Auburn House
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1. Appelbaum, Eileen
Back to Work: Determinants of Mature Women's Successful Reentry
Boston MA: Auburn House, 1981
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Keyword(s): Career Patterns; Family Background and Culture; Husbands, Influence; Job Satisfaction; Part-Time Work; Schooling; Wives; Work History

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This study demonstrates that the economic costs of an extended break are greater than for a shorter break in hourly earnings received, in increased earnings over time after return to work, and in prestige status. For women with extended breaks, the husband's approval is an important factor in job satisfaction; hourly earnings and social status on the job, but not husband's approval, are the explanatory variables that significantly affect job satisfaction of women with shorter breaks in paid work. The ability to make a re-entry is enhanced by choice of college major, by participation in post-school training programs, and by the characteristics of jobs held early in the career. By way of contrast to these effects of work withdrawal, the author analyzes the characteristics and consequences of part-time jobs, an alternative way in which work pressures can be reduced while avoiding the negative earnings and status consequences associated with a break in work attachment. Unfortunately, part-time work has negative consequences of its own. Part-time work is no panacea for resolving the dilemma of competing work/family demands.
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Appelbaum, Eileen. Back to Work: Determinants of Mature Women's Successful Reentry. Boston MA: Auburn House, 1981.