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Author: Rosen, Sherwin
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1. Borjas, George J.
Rosen, Sherwin
Income Prospects and Job Mobility of Younger Men
Research in Labor Economics 3 (1980): 159-181
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: JAI Press, Inc.
Keyword(s): Income Dynamics/Shocks; Job Tenure; Job Turnover; Layoffs; Mobility; Quits

This study approaches labor turnover as a sorting phenomenon that arises because imperfect information and mobility costs create mismatches in the existing allocation of workers to firms. Labor turnover is the device through which workers move to their highest valued uses. In this framework, a job change occurs when it is discovered that alternative productivity exceeds current productivity. Gains from mobility to movers are larger than the gains would have been to stayers had they moved. Conversely, the gains to immobility are greater for stayers than for movers had they stayed. The empirical results are not precise, since job separations cannot be predicted accurately at the micro level, but nevertheless suggest that labor turnover improves the allocative efficiency of the labor force.
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Borjas, George J. and Sherwin Rosen. "Income Prospects and Job Mobility of Younger Men." Research in Labor Economics 3 (1980): 159-181.