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Author: Postel-Vivay, Fabien
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1. Lise, Jeremy
Postel-Vivay, Fabien
Multidimensional Skills, Sorting, and Human Capital Accumulation
American Economic Review 110,8 (August 2020): 2328-2376.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: American Economic Association
Keyword(s): Human Capital; Job Search; Job Skills; Occupational Information Network (O*NET)

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We construct a structural model of on-the-job search in which workers differ in skills along several dimensions and sort themselves into jobs with heterogeneous skill requirements along those same dimensions. Skills are accumulated when used, and depreciate when not used. We estimate the model combining data from O*NET with the NLSY79. We use the model to shed light on the origins and costs of mismatch along heterogeneous skill dimensions. We highlight the deficiencies of relying on a unidimensional model of skill when decomposing the sources of variation in the value of lifetime output between initial conditions and career shocks.
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Lise, Jeremy and Fabien Postel-Vivay. "Multidimensional Skills, Sorting, and Human Capital Accumulation." American Economic Review 110,8 (August 2020): 2328-2376.