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Author: Oropesa, R. S.
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1. Oropesa, R. S.
Lichter, Daniel T.
Anderson, Robert N.
Marriage Markets and the Paradox of Mexican Nuptiality
Journal of Marriage and Family 56,4 (November 1994): 889-907.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: National Council on Family Relations
Keyword(s): Blue-Collar Jobs; Disadvantaged, Economically; Ethnic Groups/Ethnicity; Ethnic Studies; Heterogeneity; Hispanics; Marriage; Minorities; Socioeconomic Status (SES)

Current research on the retreat from marriage emphasizes the economic underpinnings of family formation, especially among disadvantaged minorities. The paradox of Mexican nuptiality is that first marriage rates among Americans are similar to those among Anglos, despite circumstances that closely approximate those of African Americans. Using event histories constructed from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, this study extends previous analyses by investigating the roles of structural (e.g., pool of marriageable men) and cultural (e.g., familism) factors in the marriage transitions of 3,853 Mexican American, African American, and Anglo women. The results support three main conclusions. First, similarities are outweighed by differences in the marriage process these groups. Second, cultural indicators do not group differences. Third, the unique aspects of the marriage process among Mexican Americans cannot be fully understood without taking their generational heterogeneity into account.
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Oropesa, R. S., Daniel T. Lichter and Robert N. Anderson. "Marriage Markets and the Paradox of Mexican Nuptiality." Journal of Marriage and Family 56,4 (November 1994): 889-907.