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Author: Odland, John
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1. Odland, John
Bailey, Adrian John
Regional Outmigration Rates and Migration Histories: A Longitudinal Analysis
Geographical Analysis 22,2 (April 1990): 158-170
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
Keyword(s): Migration; Regions

The basis of associations between regional in-migration rates and regional out- migration rates is investigated by treating regional populations as a mixture of sub-populations with different migration histories. Differences in the lengths of residence in a region between persons with recent migration histories and persons without such histories are sufficient to account for patterns of association between in-migration rates and out-migration rates in subsequent periods. Empirical analyses of the lengths of residential sojourns for young adults indicate that recent histories of in-migration may account for an appreciable portion of the variation in regional out-migration rates.
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Odland, John and Adrian John Bailey. "Regional Outmigration Rates and Migration Histories: A Longitudinal Analysis." Geographical Analysis 22,2 (April 1990): 158-170.