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Author: Mills, Bradford F.
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1. Mills, Bradford F.
Unemployment Duration in Non-Metropolitan Labor Markets
Growth and Change 32,2 (Spring 2001): 174-192.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Wiley Online
Keyword(s): Economics, Regional; Employment; Geocoded Data; Unemployment

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Non-metropolitan areas of the U.S have experienced significant structural economic changes in recent decades. These changes have raised concerns that some non-metropolitan workers may face significant costs to employment displacements associated with economic adjustments. This paper explores the roles that linkages to metropolitan labor markets, area labor market conditions, and individual attributes play in determining the rates of exit from unemployment to employment among non-metropolitan area residents. Adjacency to a metropolitan area is found to significantly increase transition rates from unemployment to employment among displaced non-metropolitan workers, but local economic conditions are found to have relatively weak or insignificant effects on transition rates. Also, lack of post-high school education and minority status both significantly reduce rates of exit from unemployment in non-metropolitan areas following employment displacement.
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Mills, Bradford F. "Unemployment Duration in Non-Metropolitan Labor Markets." Growth and Change 32,2 (Spring 2001): 174-192.