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1. Andrisani, Paul J.
Job Satisfaction among Working Women
Signs 3,3 (Spring 1978): 588-607.
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Keyword(s): Family Influences; Husbands, Influence; Job Satisfaction; Self-Esteem; Work Attitudes

This examination of job satisfaction among women in their thirties and forties during the period between 1967-1972 indicates that black women were less satisfied than their white counterparts, and that levels of job satisfaction declined throughout the period for both black and white women. Women who were highly satisfied were most likely to mention intrinsic aspects of work; however, over 40 percent of the women mentioned extrinsic factors as the aspect of work they liked best. In addition, the quality of interpersonal relationships with coworkers and supervisors was considered relevant to job satisfaction. Conflicting demands between work and home resulted in lower than average levels of job satisfaction. The greatest conflict was the husband's negative attitude toward the wife working outside the home. The women who appeared to be most satisfied were those who were deeply committed to work, had high self-esteem, and attached importance to intrinsic aspects of their work.
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Andrisani, Paul J. "Job Satisfaction among Working Women." Signs 3,3 (Spring 1978): 588-607.