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Author: Lessler, Judith
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1. Gritz, R. Mark
Durante, Richard
Keane, Michael P.
Lessler, Judith
An Examination of School-to-Work Transitions in the NLSY
Technical Proposal, Battelle Memorial Institute, August 13, 1994
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Battelle Human Affairs Research Center
Keyword(s): Childbearing, Adolescent; High School Completion/Graduates; High School Dropouts; Labor Force Participation; School Completion; Schooling, Post-secondary; Training; Transition, School to Work; Welfare; Work Experience

This proposed research program will conduct a comprehensive examination of school-to-work transitions in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Cohort. The results from the five research projects included in the program will enhance the ability of BLS to continue disseminating vital information to policy makers, educating the public so that labor force participants can make more informed choices, and improving NLS survey procedures. The design of the program captures several key elements influencing youths' progression through school to employment. In the first stage, young men and women must successfully negotiate their way to graduation from high school. The second stage encountered in the school-to-work path involves the advancement into postsecondary education. The third project will focus on the interactions of training programs, two- and four-year colleges, and work experience and their impacts on wages and employment. The fourth project will address a closely related issue: the importance of borrowing constraints for youths' decisions to continue in school, and it analyzes how various government policies might induce greater participation in schooling. The final project will assess the reliability and quality of the NLSY survey that provides the data that are essential to improve understanding of the school-to-work transition process.
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Gritz, R. Mark, Richard Durante, Michael P. Keane and Judith Lessler. "An Examination of School-to-Work Transitions in the NLSY." Technical Proposal, Battelle Memorial Institute, August 13, 1994.