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Author: Jackson, Robert A.
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1. Kerckhoff, Alan C.
Jackson, Robert A.
Types of Education and the Occupational Attainments of Young Men
Social Forces 61,1 (September 1982): 24-45.
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press
Keyword(s): Bias Decomposition; Educational Returns; Fathers, Influence; High School Curriculum; Occupational Status; Schooling; Vocational Training

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We examine the effects of high school curriculum and vocational training on occupational outcomes among young men 25-29 and 29-33 years of age. The effects on both occupational status and occupational routines (concern with people, data, and things) are reported. Returns to years of schooling tend to be greater for whites, but returns to curriculum and vocational training are generally greater for blacks. The major exceptions to stronger effects of vocational training for blacks involve skilled manual training and occupations dealing with things. The findings are interpreted as indicating that: (1) the usual status attainment model has inadequately specified the relationship between educational and occupational attainment; (2) the common conclusion that black occupational outcomes are less predictable than those of whites is unwarranted; and (3) curriculum and vocational training have such strong effects for blacks because they help more blacks into people-and data-processing occupations.
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Kerckhoff, Alan C. and Robert A. Jackson. "Types of Education and the Occupational Attainments of Young Men." Social Forces 61,1 (September 1982): 24-45.