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Author: Henry, Matthew
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1. Henry, Matthew
Cunningham, Scott
Do Statutory Rape Laws Work?
Working Paper, Social Science Research Network, March 2009.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc.
Keyword(s): Age at First Intercourse; Crime; Sexual Behavior; State-Level Data/Policy

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Every state in the United States has laws which prohibit sexual activity with individuals under a certain age. These laws are typically strict liability. Generally, they are justified under the auspice of protecting young women from 'predatory' older males. However, nobody has examined the effectiveness of these laws. Using data from the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLSY), and exploiting the differences in the laws among states and over time, we examine whether the laws restricting the number of legal sexual partners delays the sexual debut of both males and females. We find that the laws are successful in accomplishing these goals. Overall, an additional 1 year of potential partners leads to about a 10% increase in the probability of sexual debut at any age.
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Henry, Matthew and Scott Cunningham. "Do Statutory Rape Laws Work?" Working Paper, Social Science Research Network, March 2009.