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Author: Groen, Jeffrey
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1. Groen, Jeffrey
Occupation-Specific Human Capital and Local Labour Markets
Oxford Economic Papers 58,4 (October 2006): 722-741.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Keyword(s): Current Population Survey (CPS) / CPS-Fertility Supplement; Employer Opportunity Pilot Project (EOPP); Human Capital; Local Labor Market; Market Size; Occupations; Training, On-the-Job

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Most skills acquired through on-the-job training may be specific to an occupation and therefore transferable to some but not all firms. This paper explores the relationship between the size of the local market for an occupation-specific skill and job-training outcomes. The Stevens (1994) model of training predicts that as market size increases, job turnover increases and training becomes more general. I test these predictions using data on blue-collar workers and variation in market size across US metropolitan areas. The empirical results support the theoretical predictions and the impacts are most relevant at low levels of market size.
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Groen, Jeffrey. "Occupation-Specific Human Capital and Local Labour Markets." Oxford Economic Papers 58,4 (October 2006): 722-741.