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Author: Golumb, Susha
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1. Golumb, Susha
Changing Patterns of Employment in Agriculture in the United States
Ph.D. Dissertation, The Ohio State University, 1981
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: UMI - University Microfilms, Bell and Howell Information and Learning
Keyword(s): Assets; Employment; Occupations; Rural Women; Women

This study examines the change in the distribution of agricultural employment over a ten-year period that has also been marked by significant changes in the structure of agriculture. The data that are used are from the NLS, Mature Women, in both the first year (1967) and the latest year (1977) for which data are available. A sample of 549 respondent households in agricultural employment has been created from an original 5,000 respondents in 1967. This study involves the development and use of a typology of agricultural employment that divides farming occupations into two broad groups, namely those with declared farm occupations and those without farm occupations but for whom there is evidence of farm income or assets. These two groups are called primary and secondary occupation farming, respectively. The third category of agricultural employment used in this study is paid farm labor. The general change in agricultural employment from 1967 to 1977 seen in the NLS shows a decrease in primary occupation farming and in paid farm labor that is comparable to the decline in small- to medium-sized farms and in the farm labor force seen in the Census of Agriculture. The data also show an increase in secondary occupation farming, and this adds a dimension to the increase in very small farms, under 50 acres, seen in the 1974 Census of Agriculture (vol. 1, part 51, pg. XIV). A dualism in the scale of agriculture to very large and very small farm size appears to be developing as primary occupation farming decreases and as secondary occupation farming increases.
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Golumb, Susha. Changing Patterns of Employment in Agriculture in the United States. Ph.D. Dissertation, The Ohio State University, 1981.