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Author: Dillard, K. Denise
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1. Dillard, K. Denise
Pol, Louis G.
The Individual Economic Costs of Teenage Childbearing
Family Relations 31,2 (April 1982): 249-259.
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: National Council on Family Relations
Keyword(s): Age at First Birth; Childbearing; Children; Educational Attainment; Fertility; Teenagers; Wages

Although the desire to have children remains high among most Americans, more future parents are beginning to acknowledge the disadvantages of large families and the advantages of small ones. Previous findings on the economic costs of raising children are reviewed and examined especially as they apply to the rapidly growing population of teenage childbearers. Using data from a variety of sources, information was tabulated on the average loss of education by age at first birth, the average annual income and hourly wage for women by educational attainment, the expected annual reduction of income due to low educational attainment, and the direct costs of subsequent fertility. Results showed that children born to teenagers were substantially more expensive than those born to women who delay first births until their twenties.
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Dillard, K. Denise and Louis G. Pol. "The Individual Economic Costs of Teenage Childbearing." Family Relations 31,2 (April 1982): 249-259.