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Author: Deeb-Sossa, Natalia
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1. Biesanz, Jeremy C.
Deeb-Sossa, Natalia
Papadakis, Alison A.
Bollen, Kenneth A.
Curran, Patrick J.
The Role of Coding Time in Estimating and Interpreting Growth Curve Models
Psychological Methods 9,1 (March 2004): 30-52.
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79
Publisher: American Psychological Association (APA)
Keyword(s): Modeling, Growth Curve/Latent Trajectory Analysis; Weight

The coding of time in growth curve models has important implications for the interpretation of the resulting model that are sometimes not transparent. The authors develop a general framework that includes predictors of growth curve components to illustrate how parameter estimates and their standard errors are exactly determined as a function of recoding time in growth curve models. Linear and quadratic growth model examples are provided, and the interpretation of estimates given a particular coding of time is illustrated. How and why the precision and statistical power of predictors of lower order growth curve components changes over time is illustrated and discussed. Recommendations include coding time to produce readily interpretable estimates and graphing lower order effects across time with appropriate confidence intervals to help illustrate and understand the growth process.
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Biesanz, Jeremy C., Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Alison A. Papadakis, Kenneth A. Bollen and Patrick J. Curran. "The Role of Coding Time in Estimating and Interpreting Growth Curve Models." Psychological Methods 9,1 (March 2004): 30-52.