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Author: Cruz, Julissa
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1. Cruz, Julissa
The Influence of Wealth on Repartnering
Master's Thesis, Department of Sociology, Bowling Green State University, 2013.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: OhioLINK
Keyword(s): Cohabitation; Divorce; Remarriage; Wealth

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This study draws on the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) 1979 cohort to examine how and why wealth influences repartnering among men and women who have experienced their first divorce. The high concentration of wealth in the top 1% of Americans (Kennickell 2006), as well as the high divorce and repartnering rates in the U.S. make this topic timely. Indeed, this investigation can better illuminate mechanisms driving disparities in repartnering. By testing the competing theories of union formation (specialization hypothesis versus marital timing theory) and the competing theories on the importance of wealth (symbolic value versus economic value), the findings from this study provide a more in-depth understanding of repartnering in the U.S. The results of the current study find that wealth is significantly associated with repartnering for men and women, even after controlling for various socioeconomic variables. Wealth ownership was found to encourage repartnering, especially remarriage, for both men and women. This finding provides support for Oppenheimer's marital timing theory. Finally, results provide tentative support for the argument that the symbolic value of wealth is becoming more important for union formation than the economic value of wealth among men, but not among women.
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Cruz, Julissa. The Influence of Wealth on Repartnering. Master's Thesis, Department of Sociology, Bowling Green State University, 2013..