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1. Abma, Joyce C.
Mott, Frank L.
Substance Use and Prenatal Care During Pregnancy Among Young Women
Family Planning Perspectives 23,3 (May-June 1991): 117-122.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Alan Guttmacher Institute
Keyword(s): Adolescent Fertility; Alcohol Use; Cigarette Use (see Smoking); Deviance; Drug Use; Hispanics; Household Composition; Mothers; Mothers, Behavior; Pre-natal Care/Exposure; Pre/post Natal Health Care; Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes; Racial Differences; Substance Use; Wantedness

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Data on a cohort of young mothers from the NLSY were examined for use of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana during pregnancies leading to first births. A substantial proportion of women (45 percent) were found to have used at least one of these substances. White women were more likely to use a substance during pregnancy than were Hispanic or black women; women with a prospective father present in the household were less likely than other women to use a substance. Compared with well-educated and older women, less-educated and younger women were more likely to smoke cigarettes or marijuana during pregnancy, but were less likely to drink alcohol. Only about 13 percent of women used more than one substance. Nineteen percent of the women received no prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy. Less-educated and younger women were least likely to receive early prenatal care. Multivariate analysis found no association between neglect of prenatal care and substance use. Ra ther, the analysis revealed that the two behaviors shared likely antecedents, such as whether the prospective father was in the home prior to the pregnancy. Copyright: 1991 Alan Guttmacher Institute
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Abma, Joyce C. and Frank L. Mott. "Substance Use and Prenatal Care During Pregnancy Among Young Women." Family Planning Perspectives 23,3 (May-June 1991): 117-122.