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Author: Black, Matthew
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1. Black, Matthew
Pecuniary Implications of On-the-Job Search and Quit Activity
Review of Economics and Statistics 62,2 (May 1980): 222-229.
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keyword(s): Job Search; Mobility; Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID); Quits; Wages; Work Attitudes

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The empirical findings discussed in this paper provide considerable support for the usefulness of a search framework in predicting the pecuniary implications of voluntary labor mobility. First, acquiring information and/or job offers under conditions of imperfect information seems to be a crucial link underlying the productivity of inter-firm mobility. Second, the dependency of the return to searching and quitting on relative wage opportunity suggests that the distribution of wage offers specific to a worker's skill and current wage rate is a central determinant of the success of labor mobility. Third, the contrast between the negative quit impact reported in this paper during a depressed economic period and the positive return found during a relatively tight period in other analyses offers some indirect evidence that prevailing national economic conditions may influence the likelihood of finding a better paying job for a given level of search effort.
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Black, Matthew. "Pecuniary Implications of On-the-Job Search and Quit Activity." Review of Economics and Statistics 62,2 (May 1980): 222-229.